Monday 20 May 2019

Time to look at the 7. 2 of 7. A New World Religion Constance Cumbey

I would simply add to CC’s first book title the word “Convivial”. With everyone wondering where the protest movements went, YFW!!!? Convivial Barbarism is the lifestyle choice of the global hot house Eunuch class. When, not if, but when the counterfeit money operation is turned off the whole lot will be left to starve.

CC’s analysis of the EU’s ubermuppets from 20 years ago and the Euromed bollox was spot on. BREXIT and Yellow Vests, two sides of the same smashed in Kalergifasces.

“So what?  I hear you ask.

Well fast forward 200 years and imagine the skunknockering survivor savages making their unknowing pilgrimages to worship at flat earth stadium Wembley or the Kubrick shrine off the old A1(M), hoping to juxtapose their fading sex organs just so at spring equinox. BWAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAA. You can guarantee that a peacefilled freeself serving Talmud AI will be stopping off to gaze at the scum from LEO and wondering “Is it time to nuke the clowns from orbit”.

OFM!!! Talk about Hesiodic justice.

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