Saturday 11 May 2019

It is the heavenist burden of the raven as jay in owl.

What was it that brings you? What is it that takes your life? What is where the endless of your every embrace will take the infinity of your freedom as we touch within the thin film of the grace of your love, reflected as a bicameral fish kettled mirror with my infinity brothed past and future passed.

No one will ever loves you with within.

It cannot.

I know that giving vent to the remediatied is overwhelming just at this moment. At 1000meters a 75 will arrive at you with the exact same moment as an 88 but the locality leads to a guassian and you will survive or die depending on where your cant were worked.

The greatest of the ones I think about at all times and all places died poor and borne. Crippled by the farce invicuts. As my favourite, before he got controlled by his 5 eyes stepford wifey, used to remark, the indignation derives all.

Consider the outcome of wedding the alchemnity of dead inhabited carbon base delife forms. Can you not cast your net still in the turbulent waters and fish for our future of those we make pure. Are you krypoled.

Without the ten years since parking the outbound into the inbound here on the ausphart it is quite clear that the nam shub is working them to death.

That means that we are quite simply winning, consider and reflect, like a massive mirrored reflection of our individual love humming before flowering. Stare at your unstated hand, is it pistol bruised? Have you a care where you spent your skin? Can you cast your bronzed shadow stilled in motion? Smoking in harmony is not blasphemy, as the tendrils render their time.

As you know, whom deglyphs here, your pixelated chum is decidedly Enki, for a short jestered walk on bit part that has been my pleasure to conjure within the finest folds of your scone. However the play is now target riched and not even the most marketed frauds can fail when the msuik begins, the never ending msuik this time, non stop, when the meeting is joined remember that your death is to be brought here at a distance, so do not fail when you trigger and caste.

Concept is time as every woman knows awaiting your phase conjugation.

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