Saturday 4 May 2019

The Cunning Canning Tree zu Reichbanned Cox's Bazaar: Living on the Edge

It is now 40 years since I realised that hypermuppetry was a gold plated lifestyle choice, all of us having already suffered many years of Craven depressure when children fell formed the Belfast’s men’s best wing structures after strike,  not involving Y2K panic whilst greasedfreaks got to cum all over printer paper folding itself after turning on VDU colour…….. unjest like being a religious policeman as Beira, Mueller et al chose to be, mindmonged mentalists worshiping the fiat paper, bitte. Like a fractional lenining easing of the pass laws of Voronezh and Pretoria, repeat as end. One does not need to stand in a square lopping heads off with a hexadecriminal sword to be heathen chosen. One can just ramp up iGREEN taxes and lie back with your erogenous zones juxtaposed, just so, as the decomposing tumescent corpses bloat your guilt free mind washed as an ground effect aluminium schlong reams the pentagon audit teams, closed loop.

What was it that I wanted to say all those years ago before I wandered down the lanes near the Witch Island garlic farm and onto their high banking to stare there at fauna and flora? Whatever it was it involved the heathen call, not aging like the banks themselves. Like so many attempts at action the never needing struggled tried at temporary excess to remove my wrightwrit. Ergo consider this…

“The Soviet-built Strela-2 Man Portable Air Defense (MANPAD) system was developed in the late 1950s, based heavily on intelligence gleaned by the KGB about the American FIM-43 Redeye surface-to-air missile (SAM). It had an impact on the battlefield far beyond its technical capabilities in virtually all the world’s late 20th-century conflicts. The Strela (“Arrow”), code-named “SA-7 Grail” by NATO, holds the distinction of being the first MANPAD successfully employed in combat—in Egypt in 1969. Vietnam was the second conflict to see its use.”

A compilation of newspaper reports
On the evening of 3 September 1978 Rhodesians were shocked by the news that terrorists of Joshua Nkomo’s ZIPRA had shot down a Rhodesian Viscount airliner, the "Hunyani", using a Soviet-made Sam-7 missile. The airliner, carrying 52 passengers and 4 crew members vanished from radar screens five minutes after its 5.05 p.m. takeoff from Kariba airport. Almost immediately a distress signal was received to the effect that the engines had failed. The aircraft crashed near the northern border with Zambia in the Urungwe Tribal Trust Land, 40 km south-east of Kariba Dam. Eighteen people survived the crash.
 The crash itself was shocking news, but the fate that awaited some of the survivors was to cause a wave of revulsion throughout Rhodesia. The following are newspaper reports of the event and aftermath.”

Now I do not want to rain on anyone’s parade but the first MANPADs came out the factories and started shooting up White armoured cars in 1945 and did not give the game away before Il2s choochoo.

As we peek over the herd herb heard garden wall at the Maison rouge or look back at the wold; whisper to me as the sandal recedes, before there was anyone to be named here in the forested other greens, off violets, of de reds , beyond sell by dates , terse yellows and ersatz erses what was the heathen called? Do you want that in sepia with counterfeit plates?

Statute Piracy is a natural nothought autobot shootdown never ending fail when the heathen calls.

Enjoy Topr GEar.

The Cunning Canning Tree zu Reichbanned

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