Friday, 24 May 2019

The Marcuse Harem Blockführer Imagination Komcorp Smoking Ban

continued from Hypergolic Dialectic
Once again we return to the Big One. The incomplete final work of the masters. A stage play that had to be stopped before the last act got underway. If we can halt and partake of one of my favourite pass times and look at the map then we can stare at how the world was, how it was not yet remade and how it will look in the days to come.

Forgive the jump room bollox but we will divert to Vietnam to illustrate the primary directive of all actions approved by the warlocks in Babylondon. As we all know by now the USofAcorp was not supposed to emerge victorious in Vietnam. It was there to provide the anvil against which the hammer of Babycommie worship could sickle the weeds. It always intrigued me that the clown who “sorted” the Malay problem was imported to help the campaign in Vietnam through the simple expedient of sweeping the weeds into safe villages and camps that on cold examination simply look like conzentrationslaager.

Let us state it clearly. In Malaya the Babygangstas ran the gangs, counter gangs and street gangs, counter street gangs, guerrillas and counterinsurgents so there was no lessons to be directly imported to soon to be Vietnamistan. The Malay TaliBabylonian plan can be seen clearly in Vietnam but at a higher level. The street gangs are Vietcong and ARVN, the counter gangs are NVLA and USofA corp, the COIN are in CIA and COMINTERN and everybody who was an ordinary person got dead. BabylMission accomplished. I know what you regular readers here are thinking; he’s been watching Eucalyptus Nunc again. Yep,

"PBR Street Gang, this is Almighty, over...
This is Almighty, standing by, over.
This is Almighty, how do you copy, over..."

There is an island far, far away with a shed load of drums from National Socialist Germany parked by the runway and rusting away quietly, vintage 1943AD. Now why would you take a load of UStroopers and dump them in Unalaska from the deserts of California at that time with no theatre specific training and kit? Ooh err missus do you reckon someone was driving black Artic Unterzeeboots a bit farther and more frequently than we can believe. And where would these geezers with the tinnitus be going then. It sure as HongKongPhooey wasn’t to take Martin Bormann on a farewell Drum’n’Base tour of the far eastern night clubs!! Your correspondent has been pondering the cover story provided about slight amounts of radio chemicals in the water run off there. YFW!! A phukk load of IJ troopers and their munitions, a phekkoff great runway and the shit weather to strain some Uranium out of the rainwater? You might as well bag cow farts FFS! How’s about the island being nothing more than a great big small version of UKplc as Runaway One, an unsinkable Milchkuh.

Now at this point I will simply state something that is not to be found anywhere in the legends we are fed by script writers about what we are supposed to believe was a great big enterprise for good and we the beneficiaries of this great effort should never question any part of the utlrabollox.

At the highest level there is enough evidence in the irrational tales that at no time did UKplc or USofA corp understand what was really going down despite them engineering the Baruch/Szilard War..I would let you scratch your head at the fact that the suicide gang who were slamming zeroes into carriers were the same gang that stood down, yes stand down orders, when Babystalin moved in Aug 45…though I will conceded that the IJgang did keep fighting until Oct/Nov 45 in the same dirt that the SBS and Chesty fought a few years later. Countergang.

Mobs, counter gang, street gang, counter insurgency, flash muppetry.

Now consider roundup as gang as corporate person as androgynous pirate.


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