Wednesday 29 May 2019

Surabaya narcoleptics and Penang shabas night clubs

French carrier trains with Australian, Japanese, US ships in Bay of Bengal

As I was waffling earlier there is a great deal of cognitive dissonance to be found when one sticks one’s nosey beak into the ideas of mental judaics, remember you don’t have to be a jew to be a kyke, just before the Harranian scholars pulled the pin on the demolition charges parked in the West for centuries.

Pilpul is not a Darwinian concept it is a Lamarckian life style choice as sterile hothouse fiat econiche thickery.

Notice that the trouble making gangsters never have any trouble wandering the planet in luxury, getting a nice gaff to park their sorry arses once arrived and never short of the bestest life enhancing tools and softest cotton sheet wrapped pleasuregelphs to kipoff. Trotsky did like his refrigerator just so, in a time when 99% of the west’s population shat in the dark in the open air wracked with consumption. Don’t be getting too distressed when the whole raison d’être of hotels is trafficking slaves and resting agents, nativity anyone?

So we have two too incongruous ideas growing in the hydroponics in 1935?

In order to bring the Thothian specific weaponry, only actioned by the mental signatures of Those, into reality after millennia of waiting, the Slithereen tongued khaants got to the ear of FDR through the Thomas Dolby lookalike fake poptart popstar who got laughed out of Germany after dumping his smarter wife to shag his close relative family’s fluid locked masonmanoil reciprocal, squared.

Meanwhile a load of unemployable wastrels were given a blank cheque to write as much forged counterfeit currency that maximised the waste of as much time and emotional capital as possible in pursuit of what the P36s would find useless as the Art of War. Have you ever wondered how thick the academy really is?

Once one understands the weirdness of Thorium and Mercury being dumped all over the murder chamber and even after the NCIS tractor statisticians have wandered through to simultaneously corrupt and sanitise the crime scene, like the scandal in sunny Japan where Jun’s lads were still at it a decade later, then the following statements make sense and all is klaar.

Anyone who wants to dump fission reactions, pressure waves, as part of the hallucination that is Alice’s strategic bombing fantasy is a temple whore.

Anyone who wants to go anywhere without nuclear chemistry providing the motivation is going nowhere.


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