Tuesday, 4 June 2019

Perspective as a feudal remove

SNAFU!: JS Izumo (DDH-183) taking part in Indo-Pacific Dep...

Tasty beast that flat top. Unlike UKplc’s Fordian clunker, I’d wager that it will not burn from end to end after a sunburn. However it is not really the way you win a war these days, that involves parking your manoil several generations before the gun fire and sniper starts in a sacred mare and move as unrecognisable traitorous continuity of oligarchy as normalised commerce.

As is clear by now, your correspondent has entertained the idea that all the world’s oceans are now the Med c1940 for Czech armour plate. Too little manoeuvre room and therefore no place to run to, no place to hide. Right here, right now all one needs is a launch hall and fab, 1943 stylee, where the robots can work night and day lobbing stuff into the bases like Guam, Pearl or a robouboot to tag the target fleet. Room for manoeuvre is in orbit now.

Oh yes, von Braun would know where all this was going. Isn’t it funny that an eveel nastee only wanted to go into space for the challenge but the freedom loving french fry swilling liberty peeples of the dust cannot do anything other than stuff the ground with billions of dead personas as their first thought and action?

Anyway. What no one at the BIS will point out is that all these combined fleets of satanic worshipping, fluid gender swilling, PVOStrany analogues will not realise that they are the designated losers until all their barges are wrecked.

Exercise away lads it won’t make a bit of difference, the ChiComm AI Nelson will take you down, you load of unfocussed Turing Fails.

And then it goes into orbit, with lessons learned.

Space Manorialism is not an opera; it is a robotragedy of epic harem proportions.

I mean, come on, do any of the pleasuregelphseunuchs that worship regularly at their spreadsheets and attend the altar every weekend at megawarehouse rationing stations ever think that they and their wandering groups of random technocave dweller associates consider how much they are hated?

Watch any one of their squatters at an ancient standing stone, they are blank and the stones are alive. At no point, at no time, at no occasion are these self selecting nulls ever going to be allowed near their souls by the wicked wizard behind the harem curtain. For behind the green curtain is the wizard and behind the wizard is the most successful eviloid you could imagine.


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