Tuesday, 21 May 2019

London has The Greatest ChiComm weapon system deployed.....

SNAFU!: F-35 News. The hits just keep coming...this time ...: Thanks to Mark for the link! via Air Force Magazine. “The Department of Defense, and the Air Force in particular, have sent conflict...

30 years, almost to the day, since we chatted about this moment turning up.

Do you remember all those commie bashing films where PVO Strany or NK MiG drivers couldn't make their own calls or use judgment. Expect massive shoot downs as the inhabited Talmudic Turing Fails check off their combat gender coded equality weapons before being allowed to manoeuvre!!!

ChiComm big war doctrine doesn't care how fluid gender you are, their high velocity will just turn you to fluid.




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    1. don't quite know where your coming from their Unknown. But what we have here is someone, aheemm....check the surnames, opening the city gates after 2nd watch. No where in the USAF 2025 forecast did I see it anticipated in their planning space that the prime contractor would be a traitorous outfit. Go check King Khan, Digital Cacophony, Halfs and Half Noughts et al did it anticipate LM/BAe being a welfare bitch sabotage 5th column.

      Every city in the West has now got defence breaches and the Eloi are worshipping at their satanic altars whilst staring at their fluid locked phannies and unmeaurable dicks.


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