Monday, 27 May 2019

You are not fit to rate my farts

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Here in the most advanced society on the planet…before you choke on that I’d better just run off a short history of the dump. For all of the 20th century the UKplcabo was  starved, ignorant and unemployed. It was locked within its island prison and rationed. It was machine gunned to death over seas and then in their own streets. Tanks stalked their workplaces like in all banana republics. It was terrorised by threat of the heathen almighty turning up and vapourising their shithovels. It was not allowed to know how other people lived well. It was then used to kill every ordnirabo overseas who might live well. UKabo then was given a cell block to watch it's pissvision nonstop. It handed all its money and wealth over to foreign tax farmers and rentiers. It voted into administration foreign gansters’ thieving bitchboys and boybitches and had everything stolen.

In the 21st century it feted war criminals and can only be viewed as collegiate mass criminals under 24/7 CCTV living convivially as house boys and harem bitches. You can murder in broad daylight but one daren’t let off a 5 note fart that might be construed as the Horst Wessel without getting dragged away to the Sovietstylee asylum and shot. It is a blanket 24 7 365/6 non stop D notice oompaloompa retardosphere of phukkwittery in a chimp house.

In my memory Heath, Callaghan, Thatcher, Major, Blair/Brown, The Gang of 4, Son of Sam Mayostein and the next Chicomm clowneunuch, were/are all bitchboys and boybitches of foreign powers.

..ergo in the worlds most advanced society it is not surprising that the UKabo collective is the oligarchs wet dream. A whole national collective Turing Fail.


Mass destruction by Berneysian altar bitch creatives pumping and pimping short term loans at 1000%+ to poor persons, 99% of UKabos, derived like magicians bukkake from nothing, right in your face.

The UKabo still hands over its blood, for free, to the Vampire organ trafficking Hecate cult dearth and death shop known as the NHS. Shitting in your face like a colostomy explosion in HDTV.

Now before I put the boot in again I want to have a little detour on why UKplc imported so many commies from eastern Europe after the Wizard of Ounces wall fell in 89.

Ever tried to start up a company and get into the many tiered gravy train that was UKplc’s on the never, never, public housing refurb scam in the 2000s? Of course not. Having run with a load of Bulgarian/Lithuanian, with the odd Pole, geezers who made it well in the Brown/Prescott piss take for future imported, bombed and gassed by NATO, refugees, only ex-commies who could pencil whip the acres of bollox documentation had the skill sets to handle the unbearable kackocracy’s hurdles in the Trostky puppetshow.

So are you maintaining your credit score UKaboretardospong???

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