Wednesday 24 April 2019

When the harem of Rosa Luxemburg and Inessa Armand get the painters in.

Ever stared at a Sapphic onanic heterodyne? Ever, h/t fastshow, froze helpless as a massive deadly volvo headed for you in an inverse perverse ceremonial rebirthing?

After a certain time staring at the exploding carnage, fed clockwork tangostylee into your all staring eyes, an idea must form that there is not so much a mushconspiracy of geezers at every and all points of blood red decoration but a series of autonomous self piloting loving breasts assembling like a chronochimera in time and space as required and out of phase and coworking knowledge.

“WTF are you on about now you khaant” I hear you lament. Well forgive the outermong language as it is a necessary counterfoil to Turing Fails from the Provisional Cheltenham iGreenbowling Gentlewomen’s first 11.

If like Morgan one believes in the gift of silver then I am sure you agree that distributing the metal lie as a demented high velocity numismatist is not what we have in mind. It would be so ironic that the combat coders are likely to have had stacks at home far away like Parsley.

Similarly for the statute as noah’s friend, counterforce and coinsurgency. If one were to run a load of lawmakers and statute givers like a cruise missile strike then a staggering of delivery would maximise the desired out come of wall decoration bright red.

If you get the idea of events out of time and causality then there really is no point looking back investing in investigation, when the events were obviously incoming with more on the way. Globalism is not complete until everything is a nightmare localism.

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