Wednesday 10 April 2019

The 100th Strange Attractor Monkey and Pavlovian Dogs

I do love a good old listen on the player as the night dawns and slumber brings the dreams of the wicked purist. Getting my ears round CAF, CG, ACH/PE, JPF, DJ, AW, TK, EMJ  et al. It can take a minute, it can take a quarter of an hour, it can be of indeterminate duration but eventually the shutters come down for another day in the complete failure that was today.

By failure I do not mean a personal failure, indeed the opposite is the case, I mean the utter contempt with which one must hold all systems that have impinged on one’s daily windy miller wander.

For example, we can simply look at the idea of the old Camberwick combattante. If any of the heroes of the Soviet Union we have shuvved into our phizzogs every day, on the wunderwall, as kapos of commerce, kombrigs of industry etc., had anything to do with Windy’s sails the persons dependent on their daily bread, at the middle of the sun/shit cycle, would starve.

It is a bit like Fenetres10. If a tax were ever so mediaeval evil then it is the inability to stare out of a hole in the wall via electroalbedopaper. All business is RICO tax farming. Would you trust any of the hand picked handmaidens and footsoldiers of money handling to run a cold bath in your house? Would you? If you would then you are dead to all. Quite simply there will be no Robin Hood moment for you, well met fellow type bonhomie, no. RICORCS get it smitingstylee, for your spoor stinks up everything.

Can you imagine allowing anything that cannot make a business function unless it is a mewling commercbitchboy dependent on government hand outs all day every day? Whoremaistering welfare bitches of business schools and finance whores all draped exhausted, spread over the knockingshops of usury and the diseased fluid filled channels of lucrefilth.

Let me leave you with a little scare the shit out of you scenario today.

The type of systems talmudmind that will be in charge of putting the Arsehole Intelligence entities into place are of the exact same bent as Kaganovich, Blokhin, Parvus, Trotsky, Marx and all the other lauded tiny minds who always travel with fake documents and a false name, never want for a good shag, warm bed, gold and great food and wine. It is what these kryptokreeps do. They are Artificial Persons, they do not exist in anything other than a servingbankster’s wet dream. How can the idea of allowing people who couldn’t boil a kettle, be in charge of anything make sense, unless you are similarly bent and empty? The cherry on the top of cake is that the AI will have more legal standing and recognition than any one of us helping windy grind the grains.

Just as the most important legal entity in the slaver systems of the 20th century were the gulags, work camps and prisons so the 21st century will find the AI sonderkommando swarming to incorporate the public spaces into the chaingangs. The enclosures are coming again and we are to die outside the fallow fields.

Well of course you and I know different for a bath is a dangerous weapon.

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