Friday 5 April 2019

On Kalibah 17̊ There is no need to worry…..

………as everything is on schedule, for soon we will be too stultified to hear anything, snared as we are within an all echoing emptiness that is ourownunknowingskulls.

In another country I wrote off a short note, as a whim, as an aide memoire, as a truth unstructured reality. Is it still listing? If I were to copy it would it be a forgery, learned Frankish Protocolanastylee? Essence of truth is always spare if not famished, as Tsarion might add to his longevity, truth requires no laws. Lies breed on fiat counterfeits and bastardise all into fiction factories. One wonders just how much mush was circulating before the libraries got flamed. Where ever you have concentrated lawyers then the statutes will give forth the issue of whoring fabulists.

So shall I read it again and wonder about all the bloggers who have disappeared since I parked it out here? No. Let’s see how much of what I righted there has remained as Constance. Let me see….how did it go all those years ago……”I look forward to the NWO but not as they would have it, only as we would understand it. As far removed from their steriletinymonomaniacaltalmudick minds as possible. A true lives without hindrance of statute and larceny of theft as law. Where all are at liberty to amply demonstrate the grace of their spirit through generosity and open deliverance of themselves whole for all souls to sweep each day pure again.”

So let’s go read the original……well I seem to have got less wordyord. Really…?

Anyway back to reality. So what if the British are unable to build a bowler hat anymore. They selectively chose not to do so over a century ago. Singular sigil incapability as virtue slaving signal.

Don’t believe me?

How does one wake a nation that has devolved to read fake news as its reality bubble happenings. Fake News Nation, denation as geneticnuture, is incapable of returning to real humanity.

Can ivy become a self supporting again over night?

In this square island mileage there is nothing but a never sleeping starring array, constantly vigilant lest something nice might happen permanently, an evil eye ejacultant triggering for suppression of healthy human intercourse in favour of criminality.

However all the recent MSMfannying and arseGovbuttshunting around about fake news demonstrates clearly that we are drowning out their dithering thespian degenerate zither signal with our own truth songs of experience. In a country where every thing has been cut and curtailed except RICO, by Rothbitchboys like the Letwin gang, where everyone is poorer despite the debt, penury and serfdom of the servile economy propaganda, it would take a retarded imbecile cretin addicted to tractor stats to believe everything is cushty in the protoneoStalinishithouse.

As far as the Rothcreatures and their bosses are concerned we are messing with their delicate signal to noise ratio. At this point we can now clearly state that from now on anything we are able to see clearly is utter Rothbollards, an imperpiment to our progress. To put it mildly were are living in a target rich environment. We are in a khaant farm. 

Time to wear Rockpelts, Sorosbelts and Rothats.

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