Friday 12 April 2019

Next time, no one is coming from across the seas t... I don't want the faces to make too much of an impression simply the positions of the actors in the play. The board game has changed the nature of the pawns and never again will we ever witness the non admiralty ordinary person represented.

All the park bench letter droppers are admiralty no matter how much the mind sweeping in the ceremonial space convinces us otherwise by presence or omission.

Embassy, admiralty. Commerce, admiralty. Media, admiralty. Banksters, admiralty.

Morality, admiralty.

All is now admiralty and no one wants saved any more. If a cold eye were to stare at this ceremony then Khrushchev’s words about children and communism can be placed in context. What he meant was all will be admiralty soon. For his controllers the process was part of reducing the world to nothing. For only under that system can everything be reduced to poverty.

Have you ever heard of a pirate vessel being anything other than a closed minded monoculture of ignorance with no hope of being ever less than it was?


PHEKKWITZ AHOY!!!!!!!!!: Next time, no one is coming from across the seas t...: Stone age belief systems in modern drag image source.

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