Sunday 21 April 2019

TerroresaLeonid MayBrezhnev New Year's Address (1979) [Subtitled]

Now don’t be getting all expectorant on me but if you can actually show me any difference between what they say/said and outcome/reality for their peasants do tell.

Let me concatenate the 40 years between then and now, with a two year dither since plans don’t usually have exact epochal date/time stamps.

c79 Zbig, the fauxPolakSaudi, gets ZioWahabbi nutters moving in a lets roll frenzy
c89 ZioBush gets the black eagle trust fund readies to steal Russia for Palestine.
c99 Wahabbi nutters infest USofA. TalmudBush 2 gets ready to roll as Pres for Palestine.
c09 ZiOsama/MormObama piss all over TersatzalmudUSofA.for London.
c19 Stone age belief system ex secret police minister takes the pfukking pfiss out of every UKabo ever born.

Now neoNWO kreeps from Tel Aviv don’t pull mega structures without dry runs so where in those 40 years did they practice? Go on, have a guess.

So where do you think they’ve been practicing their next megaproduction, due for roll out soon, in a city near/containing us?

This time the UN lockdown squads will be on the streets here as UHT Heinrich Kissmygingerass explained so, so long ago. If you want to know how that will go down then check out classic UNpolice actions like No Gun, don’t take the piss, Ri.

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