Tuesday 2 April 2019

On Kaliber 16̊ 19’91” Stabat

What ever happened back then, we all stood agog as 400million crypto mentalists decided to go rabid and genocide 14 million persons living peacefully around the general garden area in 1991.

Something long stinking in the shitehouse known as the West was rising from the grave.

This is where the gods of the ancients should have come in to play. If ever there was an opportunity for them to demonstrate to their believers their temporal authority that occasion should have and would have been an ideal miracle abundant.

Unlike the utter neuter Dom assertions that was the Nuremburg cosplay and bukkake fest, happy holidays, here was a bold gang of puke in your face war criminals caught in broad yahlight, with no need to construct fiction with which to frame them. Their deeds had made them known. The great psychogang of yahwehist cut throats and thieves, all flavours of their made up criminal dyslexichabirubookishness, bold as brass in their brass necked killer genocidlabrigandage and holocausingpiracy.

I don’t know about you but the persons of mixed blood who have got sponsors of beef about white genocide just don’t seem to be able to, a la habiruhabitué, take an objective look at the swirling bog hole of shitterdom they construct with every breath they take.

And lo it came to pass that all the 400 million war criminals got away with it and all of a sudden their history was demonstrably nothing but fairy tails getting reamed and about delusional daydreams Waltermittystyleee their tales of chivalrous deeds and their socially advanced houses of sand. All of it is demonstrably barphmaking works of mentally and spiritually poisonous human hating freaks.

Gods of all bent are now completely defeated and every living soul knows it.

Nothing turned up to smite their banksterconstructs whether judicial, mental, spiritual, intellectual, psychological, engineering, scientific, artistic or pettyprogeny. Nothing. A great big silent cyonidalfart in the face of homo sapiens’ stasis. Not a single thing has made itself manifest to, in any way, impede the plan and still the clowns go on about how great their past was and how inventive they were. Well no more you khaants, only unbridled success to the devilry. You have made it quite clear that in the face of the joy of evil you are in the aggregate yellow bellied spineless jumped up forest retards just come down and out of the trees.

Show any proof that at any point in the passed 200(0) years the great clown leaders of your worship have been any better than the current crop of fiat foundation harem boybitches and the fake fooled bitchboy counter gangs flooding our attention space.

You cannot because you have been lead to the poisoned dark pools. That is your true genetic disposition. Easily shepherded by The hereditary temporal tomfoolery of any fiath.

I wish you luck in your fetid unending femto future of torture.


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