Monday 30 November 2015


....the scions of these creeps being your Big Regional Muppet in 2084.

That scared the shit out of you. How would you like a Big Muppet iGREENdrone shuvving high velocity iGREEN lead based pharmacy through your shipping crate envirohovel window because you were iGREEN non compliant, comrade?

Here is an excellent current summary of the long range plans started sometime after the maps got completed/reconfirmed in the 18th century.

It is not conspiracy fiction, it is fact. All one needs to do is think like a spiritual banker and stop farting around with media.

Now then now then boys and girls can you spot the unasked/unanswered postulation?

If all this Agenda21 bollox is a mere flash in the pan to absorb stray weeds encroaching after the ice age into the garden of the great house, then there must be a master plan on the green baize within the games room where the geezers with the finest cigars swill essence de femmegarcon. Which recently, as many have been wondering about in various ways, got a brief exposure through disc jockey slaughter.

So what comes after the clearances then?

50,000 years of global Capability Brown?

I think this is where the break away religion comes into play, which is being groomed very nicely thankyou in USofA corp. with Royal Dutch subtlety, and Oxbridge mid wifery and wiffery these passed few years.