Tuesday 10 November 2015

Gowaan,gowaan,gowaan......and more gowaan

Betrayal by the spineless bitchboys in purple and empty boybitches in blood red every time. Which bit of living in an intrigue's herb garden does being taken to the wood shed not register in the flock of fluke infested morons and dorans? I suppose that this is what happened to the other lost civilisations we get skewed theories about. Massive climate change and natural disasters did not take them down, they got infected by the pompous money parasite. Always with the glittering worthless earthly awards? Oh scar faced pimp.

Maurice Pinay: Ever deepening 'Judeo-Christian relations' rudely ...: “Nostra Aetate established a new era of friendship in Catholic-Jewish relations, and nowhere is that more evident than here in New York. M...

If the monocultural self budding and sterile fruit of their murderous works be known then no amount of donkey cock worship will save you, you holy harlot and religious thief. Enjoy the dollar slattern company you keep.