Monday 16 November 2015

Terrorist footpaths & ISIS Pathways.

Ho Chi Minh gives forth on the secret Great North Way out of Londonistan and Chaldea.

In the land of perpetual cuts for things that were already paid for. I mean if you paid for a loaf and went to collect only to be told to fuck off and have a crumb you would be miffed if not muffin’d. So how can there be shed loads of lucre to buy 1900 agency staff for spying on bread queues. I mean if the secretive squirrels are as good as their contracted analogues in the National Health Service, where life is rationed and death handed out freely, we can expect several things to happen.

  1. The new recruits will be MOSSADISISCIAGCHQ boybitchbitchboyRothbot rent seekers totally anathema to aboriginal British life and values (?).
  2. The new snoopers will be terror sit operands planted here for this very purpose of shitting on the natives and totally aligned with a foreign Mafia/RCE theft structure.
  3. The newly hired lay about MiHi Oxbridge club med freaks will be cloned to think as internationalist UNOAHiGreendronebots and be totally at variance with the deeply held peaceful disposition of the ordinary loafer here in UKplc.
  4. Facilitators of another 7/7 if Tommy Atkins ever got uppity again. Every so often the master of the scullery is instructed by senior Zohar great house staff that there must be unquestioned obedience in the kingdom and it has to take houseboys out to the woodshed to demonstrate blahblahblah… infinitum

So what we have here is the CHEKA/STASI/KRIPO/OGPU/GCHQ incompetents, except when it comes to murder,  buying more unemployable assets here in the UK command economy. And unemploy1984usable assets are only there to burn money and us.

What brings this mismusing to the fore today.

Well here in the outsourced Gaza refugee camp easyjet borough where Barnet F.C. used to play at home, there is demonstrably more danger to the tithed subject and council taxed herd member of ending up in Barnet General because of the council’s abdication with regard to public safe conduct and right of way than getting blown to smithereens by the in-house terrorist cells currently bunked up nice and warm out with the RCE/LC city limits here in UKplc.

I witnessed another subject of her majesty being taken off to wander down the path

are clear and present dangers to the public on foot.

BTW just to make sure one gets the point of this outburst, the shitjet borough laughed at another subject of her majesty who ended up hospitalised whilst the arsefart council had a contractor laying fourth world standard asphalt on the streets nearby. Their fall caused by animal track, jungle quality, outback grade degraded public paving. If ISIS Bunkers’ɹ’Us were in charge of public paving in the criminals’ hideaway borough I would suggest that Cameron & Firm would be laying foundations, the public better served and the tax payers’ purse somewhat less thieved upon.

As it is with Rothbot Cameron’s Commiebitch boybankers flea circus in charge we get deadly paving, constant cuts on things already paid for and dead persons in our food. Oh yes, oh yes, it wasn’t only donkey that made the pony burgers fly off the shelves when the shit hit the fan at the criminal, social engineering talmudicdrygoods megastores here in UKfricasee. Burn the evidence!!!

Say what you like about SORIASIS and all the other false alphabetiterroristas we have trained and paid for, at least they have operational standards, compactence and do what they say on the sidewalk.

They know how to run a supply route and right of way.

Hos in the UK paid for it all after all.