Monday 9 November 2015

Once again we turn to our favouritest newest bestest ersatz faux ChiComm chums and their ratline rat tales.

I was chatting with my neighbour yesterday about timescales. About the vulgar timescales, hours, days and weeks versus the chosen timescales of centuries and millennia. Even when one meets one of the very few who know this fact, it is almost impossible to converse on the fallout of this view with someone who has not dwelled on the length of time it takes to develop a world view that can see sub projects resolve in the period of 1000 years or more, without reference to divinelike systems. Once the subject is broached then the deep state work invested in passivecryptoatheism defence mechanisms starts jamming and the chaff falls. 

Tavistockian counter measures rears its head from the aether.

So something like the death of Hitler can be recognised as no more than a footnote to an addendum to a comment to a chapter to the project plan. Destruction of China is likely a full chapter of the plan’s scope, the plan got a set back in the 14th/15th century when Islam got booted into touch, which got rescored after the 18th century. I would note that these Rome/Mecca/Salem money heathen always have a backup plan so we can conjecture why there was a sudden “renaissance” at the other end of the Eurasian mainland that brought more than spaghetti to Europe at the time of Imperial China was getting rid of the Môn heathen from power. Note however the mongheathen virulence paralysed the nation, spider toxin like, for the day that the Môn heathen turned up again powerful enough to take it down centuries later in the 1800s.

So consider.

This is an interesting recent comment about Bagdad mongheathen operating out east.
“I was browsing in a second hand bookstore a few weeks ago and came across Brian Inglis, THE OPIUM WAR (1976). The Sassoons were not mentioned once! How is it possible that a history of the Opium Wars never mention the Sassoons?
Well, Inglis was a well-known journalist and broadcaster in Britain from the 1950s thru’ the 80s. He had been an editor of the Spectator, our establishment conservative weekly, and was presenter of the TV show that until ‘World at War’ did most to prop up the narrative of WWII as the good war, ‘All our Yesterdays’. As regular presenter for many years of ‘What the Papers Say’ he had the important job of summarizing the week’s news and stories in digest for the TV audience.
I guess that’s how you get a book on the Opium Wars that forgets the Sassoons – hire a lifetime Jew-establishment shill!
It isn’t much recognized but the modern Zionist movement did not begin in Europe or America among Ashkenazi Jews, but rather within the communities of Baghdadi Sephardim sponsored by the Sassoons spread throughout south and east Asia. From a review of Maisie J. Meyer, From the Rivers of Babylon to the Whangpoo: A Century of Sephardi Jewish Life in Shanghai (Lanham, MD; New York; and Oxford: University Press of America, 2003.), quote:
While at an early stage in the book Meyer mentions Baghdad’s long-serving (1859-1909) ecclesiastical authority Hakham Yosef Hayyim, she does not involve him in her discussion of Shanghai Zionism (pp. 171-190). She sees that phenomenon as largely the creation of N.E.B. Ezra between 1903 and 1936, when Ezra led the Shanghai Zionist Association (SZA) and edited Israel’s Messenger. However, prior to Ezra, Hayyim was a powerful force inculcating pre-Herzlian Zionism among Baghdadis in India, Burma, the Straits Settlements, Hong Kong, Shanghai, the Philippines, the Dutch East Indies, and elsewhere. He urged his brethren to visit and settle the Land of Israel long before Theodor Herzl’s establishment of the World Zionist Organization (WZO) in 1896, with which the SZA was affiliated, and even before the founding of the WZO’s predecessor organizations, Hovevei Zion and BILU. (8)
8. See David S. Sassoon, History of the Jews in Baghdad (Letchworth, U.K.: S. D. Sassoon, 1949), p. 217. – end quote”

And this 

is a great Part 1 slow release of knowledge into the public domain for use in the plan to destroy Europe.

Every time one hears the word Nazi here, simply insert Sassoon, to bring one back to reality. Then ask yourself.

How many orders of unreality are the Zionists, Nazis, Sassoons, RothRock raised from the Dirac sea?

I know that a very good rule of thumb is Qui Bono and “follow the money”. However this is a trail of crumbs disinfofest of the Rovian bitchboys and their MSM boybitches.

If the actors are never visible, only their shadow proxies, at seven orders of magnitude remove and their effects modulated by several centuries time delay then Qui Bono is effectively masked in the signal to noise ratio for the one hour photoboothers. As for follow the money, this will surely do in a good old murder in the drawing room life insurance scam mystery, but since this stuff does not exist for the actors, the geezers in the Big Room, then one ends up chasing ghosts into a Rovian mind fuck.

I mean how do you explain to the iMe attention spanners that the counterfeit five quid notes initially produced by their in-house jewish criminals were too good to be passed as real currency when the SS started to industrially print wank of England paper? Got that? It is like a gulag body shop producing a Rolls Royce more luxurious and finely engineered than the coachworks at Crewe FFS!

Once you understand that the objective of these business persons is always to exchange shit for valuables at no effort to themselves then one can start to look more studiously at the real problem.

The problem is a contest between those primitives executing war using larcenous commercial weapon systems, aimed at spiritual death, disguised as a holy evil creature, and us.

In order to win the elusive victory all pretence must be abandoned.