Tuesday 17 November 2015

There is a guerilla in my soup or who's the regurgitated flyshitter?

The Vatic Project: Henry Kissinger: Good or Evil? 10 historians asse...: Vatic Note:   I have a much different perspective of what Henry did that harmed this nation tremendously.  First of all Henry was a Khazar ...

I think Vatic misses the point. And the ten bought and paid for hystoricians are too stupid to understand what is going on, or let on if they do. It so pays to be tactically and practically thick these days.

Good that Vatic picks this out but as usual we get the academic bullshit from tenured Hollyweird glamour maddrassa whores. Just like Einstein is nothing but a couch ratrun psypsicist.

Anyway these clowns are nothing but plug and play empty slot machine goons. No traitors. No turncoats. No nothing. Keep pushing in the nickels and the spastic marionette dances to any tune called.

Just like Kissingerlite Holbrooke

“In 1970, he became the Peace Corps director in Morocco. The next year, he visited Peace Corps operations in Afghanistan. The country left a lasting impression. He later said, “I saw this romantic, exotic, harmonious, multi-ethnic society, just a few years before it was destroyed.”” http://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2009/09/28/the-last-mission

These guys are a toxic marker whenever they appear that the millennial long mission to remove non compliant humanity has turned up on your door step. You might have to wait a few decades or a few minutes but either way you and your society are doomed to be blasted and withered away because a merchant of menace is in town.

Although we know all about them today one can be sure that it is designed that they disappear from history in future centuries. Just look at Henry 8th. Can you name his advisors? No; can you name any of his fucknuns? Can you name his apothecary? Do you know why he was unable to successfully continue the lineage?

This is not history. It in not about learned(?) opinions. It is about the spread of a disease carried by the Môn heathen through epigenetics.