Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Dead iGREEN criminals.....

......like dead iRED criminals did, soon to kill and kill and kill.

One of the strange things about humans is that they do not recognise the delayed fused thought bomb cultivated in their midst.

Here is my thoughts on the newly dead iGREEN belief grenade from 6 years ago.


As always with these creeps we can smell their spoor reeking from their laden tabletops, groaning with fine meats, wines and the fruits of the Earth. The groaning of the billions of dead surrounding their feast just like Marx, Engels, Trotsky et al engineered.

Toxic thought, human hating and spiritually dead lethal Rothbitchboys.

Soon the iGREEN venomoustudents and retardofollowers will starve the world, those who do not comply will be visited by the iGREEN armies of the lead pill pharmacy wielding the ZyklotronBot vaccine, got the message.