Monday, 14 February 2011

Gigits... fucker.

Where the fuck are the cartoons ripping the shit out of the ripened fields of fools?

Where are you?


  1. I couldn't have put it better myself, mate - if ever he had a reason to come back, this is surely it....... now would be a very good time for his reappearance! ;-)

  2. Spidey,

    he's out here.

    He turned up at GOT's wake.

  3. In that case he should have been around for GOT's reincarnation as well - I haven't seen him though :-(

  4. GV from

    esus Christ. There'll be no bloggers left soon.
    Wednesday, January 05, 2011, 15:35:59 – Like – Reply
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    David 'cheating' Chaytor demands that you return! Somebody needs to detail his time in prison. I may set up my own blog doing just this. A cartoon depiction of it - a mishmash of 'A House of Cards', 'The Shawshank Redemption' and a male rape fetish movie.

    Come on, mate - return and feature this cartoon!
    Friday, January 07, 2011, 20:43:32 – Like – Reply
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    Where the fuck are you these days then?
    Friday, January 14, 2011, 00:07:37 – Unlike – Reply
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    Fay Kelly-Tuncay
    Hi Gotty we miss you come ba

  5. Gigits has decided to go into forced retirement. Eventually he may opt to bore the world with his shit. That time has not yet arrived.


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