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Did the Watchers have any real choice in their approach to their problem? Part 2 of ?

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For some time now I’ve been trying to get you to see the world as I think a banskter does, hence the constant reference to putting on the bankster goggles, firing up the babelbolloxphish or peering through the non-linears. If we can do that then we can start to slough off the rotten corpse that they have convinced us is our skin. Today I’m not going to ask anything of you, just sit back and relax, we are going to become feathered holy men, Shaman. Watchers.

The Watchers, what was their problem?

Put simply they faced the problem of rebuilding that which they had lost. A long, long time ago.

Why should I think this?

Well there is something stinking in the kingdom of archaeological research. You cannot dig holes in the ground without running head on into the interests of the geezers who have aborted our history and handed us a redacted sacred text of RISC as the given. Just try and get anything into academic circulation in the gulag known as USofA corp. that challenges the, by now fictitious, given of slowly wandering tribes from Kamchatka populating the land mass from Yukon to Tierra del Fuego. Despite the legends of the aboriginals giving clear indications that they’d been there a long, long while before the RISC decided to write their approved history for them after genocide.

In the previous outing here there was a short video about the place called Nabta Playa

Mark Gaffney is author of Dimona the Third Temple? (1989), a study of Israel’s nuclear weapons program” The desert site contains incredible hidden geometry and astral knowledge at a time when we hadn’t yet discovered how to grow leeks, according to the RISC given. Kind of like at this place Puma Punku, apparently we are to believe that, long before humanity got round to organising a vegetable patch by the Euphrates, this lot self assembled.

Well I may bang a load of bollox onto these pixels but at least I don’t tell deliberate lies. If you were paying attention there in the last ten or so lines I’ve just dropped Tellinger’s Adam’s calendar, The Watchers and the Holocaust fiction on you all sleekit like. Did you notice?

So back to my mates the Watchers.

Their main dilemma was the question “What do we give them? Open or closed systems?”. That was their problem. I suspect from the scant evidence that we are not allowed to get our teeth into that the Watchers knew of the power of open systems thought, but opted for the closed systems given to our ancestors for two reasons.

One; control realized through debt.

Two; closed systems would get them to their desired place in human development in the shorter time frame. I.e. back to what they remembered was their society, or similar, before it all went bang.

In our stunted and stunned society we can still discern some of the rules that apply to this very simple world view. In an open system, man in nature, the closed system stimulates faster human development as the imperatives of given debt and given RISC religion drive groups outward over the surface of the uninhabited earth to destroy non believers. In a closed system, current human society for the past 100yerfs (yerf=year of serfdom), the open system promotes freer and faster intellectual human discovery.

If all that seems a tad nonsense and bollox then you are not thinking bankster. Humans, expendable. Closed System; an infinitely mutable simple tool to engineer the desired outcome.

In order to try an illustrate just how this works I will take you to one of my, current favourite crime scenes, a crime scene within the iCSI.

Germany 1933-45. H/T furtherglory.

The Nazi’s were given a license to operate, for a limited time, out with the closed system administered by Rothschild. The safety catches on their goons in the USSR being kept under twitchy finger. However Schacht was, like Soros now a day, given a patent.

Then the German’s broke free.

The weirdness that then erupted is best exemplified by the holocaust manufactured and expensively maintained mythos. At this point I will invoke Tsarion’s often quoted maxim.

The truth stands alone with no need of support or further elaboration.

Anything requiring a whole industry and legal sanction to make itself known is a massive fabrication and as usual with the RISC a complete onanistic ceremony. Millions died and there is no need to claim special bragging rights over the body count unless there is something to hide. With the Rothschild heathen there is always something to hide.

Just what was going on in that Buna complex? In so many accounts of the holohoax the Keystone coppery and down write taking the piss is rampant. The accusation that the Khazari commie Kapos were complicit in their wiping out of massive numbers of people is once again placed there to drag you off the scent.

When the SS sealed up the Reise complex they made sure that no one came out everything was demolished professionally. Just like WTC7. If you’ve read through that reverse engineering article you’ll know that the thesis is that the SS had nothing to do with the cover up demolition. So what is the cover up disguising?

Everything we’ve been handed as truth from the labour camps is thanks to a bunch of closed system RISC NOAHide compliant Khazari commie savages that couldn’t fight a war without massive subsidy from USofA corp. Do you think that anything related to human progress was ever going to come out of that heathen dump? Nazi Germany was an open system at peace until 1942 and the ruling party was told to mind its Ps&Qs otherwise it might have got turfed out due to voter unhappiness. Now don’t be getting all expectorant and thinking that your correspondent is goose stepping around the room draped in a swastika singing Spring Time for Hitler und Germanee. No, they were a gang of heathen killer clowns, but the ordinary German was not. What did the ordinary German punter do that was coveted by the Roth/Rock and more specifically the Roth, since I think that the Rock being a cadet branch didn’t fully understand what was going on in Europe?

Remember the main Rock technological output such as Essex class carriers, B29s, submarines and Marines was directed at Japan. Europe got old tech as part of the Bombline strategy. USofA corp. was backward. Deliberately so. Remember Tesla is applied open systems theory and he got shut down by the closed system administrators AKA the banksters. Only when the Germans handed the USofA corp. the IR fusing tech. could they light a big stick off at Trinity. And of course that then takes us into a whole load of made up history concerning the USofA corps’ technological prowess. Nah, it is a farmers' land with no history.

Have you ever wondered why it is a crime to ask questions about the holohoax in some countries, like Germany? Have you ever wondered why the Iron Curtain was hauled down, not to keep the poor NOAHide afflicted slobs in a Soviet paradise, but to make sure we didn’t get a whiff of what really went on the other side of the bombline before 1945 and afterwards once Eisenhower had allotted everyone their little piece of land to cover the crime scene.

If you know about Operation Paperclip then you will know we are supposed to have a sharp intake of breath and tut and shake our heads. Oh how could we? Treat with the nasties, we are verily sullied.

Well you will know about the exact same process occurring on the other side of the bombline when the Soviets hauled off a load of nasty guys and nasty gear to work on their secretive weapons projects.

What about the third movement of secret nasty scientists and technicians that I can see moving around and getting helped out of the crime scene into another secret research base before the iron curtain came down conveniently.

This is where we come to the crux of the matter that we can see again today. Everyone arguing about planes, no planes, everyone so clever about the thermite, controlled demolition, all the arguing about DEW or nukes. Same modus, everyone arguing about 6 million or 2 million or not, gas chambers or delousing, swimming pools, no swimming pools, extermination or labour.

No one asking what happened to the vast progress made by the Nazi open system when the closed systems shut it down in 1945 and why does Auschwitz look like a vast R&D centre safely hidden away from the bombline and waiting to be plucked by the Soviets? No one noticing that in the few years the open system operated the whole scientific and technological world was changed and most of the knowledge then hidden away under the care of the secret societies that commissioned the crime scene.

You see the reason we are shushed away from the subject is that hard at work in the R&D centres throughout the Reich protectorate complex were Rothschild’s East European pet Khazars, scientists and technicians who were diligent in their mission and couldn’t give a flying one who got gassed, machine gunned, neck shot or vaped from history in the surrounding military industrial complex.

They then left under refugee cover and ended up building this 10 years after they settled the pirate base. If you clocked the ref above about the book written referring to Dimona as the 3rd temple, then you’ll recognize the thought put out here that at some point plutonium replaced gold as the global currency.

Now that makes more sense and also explains a great deal about the intense MSM covering fire poured down on this whole holohoax subject since 1960 or so.

If you are with me so far you will have noticed that implicit, within that open/closed system tension, is the logical outcome for the disciples of the closed system to get wiped from the face of the world once they’ve served their common purpose.

Oh deary me, perps.

One last thing about open systems is the likelihood that the ChiComm slaver base has been granted just such a patent, so there is a technological dividend being sought from them by the Roth.

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