Friday 3 June 2011


I know that you loyal abusers of the substance pumped out here from the dead poppy heads were expecting more cider swilling malarkey, it is written in its essentials but awaits its time, and I had intended tidying up a few loose ends first, that isn’t finished, not because of what I want to say but because I’m being careful of what I do not want to say. That one is proving the most difficult cultic thing to pin down.

However one of my faves heaved into view. He rambles and touches on a great many things that will be drivelling out here shortly. So I thought you might like to listen.

Two points.

Firstly I do not trust the source. They seem like a conduit through which the dissemblers are kept in shoe leather. When one looks through their back catalogue one is struck by the number of numpties and well fed muppets that are kept breathing in an otherwise hostile world. I mean do me a favour. How come no weird UFO manifestation of anything ever turns up when the TSA goons are molesting you?

Secondly, if I may critique Andrew, there is no such thing as infinity. Always with the infinity do the controllers mash our brains. Like zero, infinity is a mathematical concept used to engineer our stasis. Got that? Useful in Engineering us into mute obedience. If one has a quick swaatch at Zeno’s paradox you’ll get the idea.

Get back to reality. There is no zero just empty and there is no infinity just unlimited, unending and unbound.

All measured by the human heart.

Go on, feel it.

One can have unending love for someone and yet it is all bounded in our limited heart.

So keeping with the spririt of the moment I hope you enjoyed some of my favourite art form. You will notice that the Babylonians in Hollyweird have had to pirate these techniques over the past two decades as even the stultified masses over in USofA corp had noticed what utter garbage and an assault on the human spirit they were pumping out of their so called animation artists. You got that? Striving for infinite return with their funny money tabulations and accountancy magikians, they revealed themselves as pure heathen.

Look around, the time is not yet, we are surrounded by the heathen weeds. We allow ourselves to be as fallow fields and exist between the flame fronts, like water meadows we will soon blossom and overshadow the heathen if we stop giving credence to their shambling lies.

If, and I mean this is a big if, there was no funny money there would not be close to 1 billion human beings on the planet. It is only because of the funny money that there will soon be 10 billions of us.Got that? The funny money brings human beings into existence. Do you comprehend the significance of that? Magik. Zero and infinity. Engineering. If they wanted to kill us all they’d have done it by now. They are looking for something in us. They need billions and billions of us. They created all of us using the funny money. Stop thinking of zeros and infinites. Zeros and infinites do not exist, that is why we are in such terrible trouble.

Only we exist.

Heart, mind and witness.

That is also related to the forthcoming musings here, tsk tsk.



  1. but they are killing us! they just haven't found a way to remove the innate morality of the majority yet, need more flouride, more powerful cell phone towers, a few more nuke "accidents". things like this take time my friend, but the synogog is patient!

    good to see a new post over here, gotta clean up some cobwebs at my place also!


    Avops ;-)

  2. I see it as well Avops. The weird thing is the guys that really want us dead on schedule will stop the guys that want kill us all off tomorrow. Weird but that's the play. The tech guys don't get it I think.

    PeaceRBAY Avops.

  3. interesting times. make or break times. I think it's break times.

    masterymistery at cosmic rapture

  4. MM it is usually a bit of both, its the focus on the down side by TPTB that try to convince us otherwise.


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