Monday 26 September 2011


When the dust had settled we were at war.

Is it the function of so called democracies to behave as Paladin? Is that one of the secrets? One can boo and hiss at the bad guys, cheer the cherio and chertrix but one just scratches the knoddle at the otherworldly geezertrix who does not know what is really going on.

Are we bulletproof?

God knows the times we’ve been wiped out and yet still we remain.

As everything was being put in place we had our attention stolen by abdication, cremation and coronation. After the gunfire and sniper has ceased, one abandoned and betrayed our natural allies, whether Cossack or Karen, whilst bewitched by elections and the greater society. Society which does not exist, proferred by a hand which does not sustain or nourish.

Today we have coronation and abdication. We have energy companies rationing out lives, telling us we can save money. They cannot save money, which is against their law, they make us pay more for less and so not destroy their modus. Any director of any corporate who saves us money goes to the gulag. Having our interests at heart? It is high treason. The most brain washed corpus in this world is the business class. They have no idea about anything and yet everything is to be administered through them. They see as serfs and live as heathen. We live as serfs and are to see as heathen. MBA. Marxist Business Administrator.

They are 13th century Anno Domini. We are 21st century fools.

So who is going to get abandoned and betrayed this time? Who is not going to get the silver? Who has been kissing a friend? Whip has called their name and abdicated? It could be both of us this time.

Haven’t you worked out what fucking is for? Have you been screwed too much to rest and reflect?

Always remember that what ever we see is what we are to see. We are satiated in the cheap pews always.

Get up and walk.

Walk to peace, to the pain of peace.


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