Monday 7 March 2011


  1. Hey I think I've seen that film on c4, must have been 4 years ago. In many ways the horror genre is such an appropriate canvas for war stories, it's a wonder it hasn't been done more often. Notwithstanding one domestic WW1 effort that I recall. BBC3 about the same time.

    I was in a bus shelter about 2 years ago and unusually an old couple, or rather the old man, started telling me about 'how this town looked during the war' and so on.

    Not verbatrim. "We watched all the young lads marching in their uniform when they were called up. And you know, when they came back when the war was over, it was pitiful, just a handful of them were left"

    All the while his wife was looking at him and me almost apologetically, like "sorry young'un", lol. And I am concsciously trying to be as respectful as I can, and let it be known that I am not the average muppet and I have read enough war stories to have some understanding - or rather, the understanding that you can't understand.

    And he ends his story abruptly, with "do you know what I mean?" Like WTF is one supposed to say to that. I could have at length explained that I know enough to know that you never answer 'yes' to that unless you've lived it yourself. I just answered 'nah I don't' and shook my head.

    He repeats, a disappointed "no you don't, do you".

    End of.

  2. AdamS you'll understand just why I chose that particular movie image with no comment when I start my drivellings in the next couple of days.

    You are correct AdamS. That is a whole other world with a sinister collective dimension.


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