Monday 18 July 2011

Avops, you OK buddy?

Your shop has shut.

What gives?


  1. Hi incoming, I just been doing a lot of thinking since my mom passed. I pretty sure it is just a temporary thing, but I can't really come up with anything to say about our current situation that hasn't been said already.

    It feels like the quiet before the storm out here, and it has left me rather speechless ;-)

    Thanks for the call out though!

  2. What the hell, i opened back up just for you! (grin)

  3. Sweet. Do not in any way shut down. You must keep going. We are in a spiritual war. The best troopers are always heads up.

    Though devious machinations would embroil us in despair, the watch is eternal.

    You do not have to say anything, just stay.

    Glad you are back.


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