Friday 28 October 2011

Did the Watchers have any real choice in their approach to their problem? Part 1 of ?

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Continued from 9/11 was not an inside job. The pantechnikon of reasons why. Part 11

As you know we are trying to approach, with a view to offering a solution, the only temporal problem worthy of our consideration. Why should everything in our lives be derived and determined from a simple set of instructions, handed over, to a bunch of backwards by a group, hidden, deliberately obscured, redacted in remembered time?

We hope to peer ever farther back until one day we may espy the geezers looking right back at us from 70,000 years ago.

So we will take this slowly and bit by bit. No more great splurges of wordy vomit. There is no particular scheme or order, so it will hit the pixels as and when I feel I’ve got a handle on whatever tidbit I get my teeth into.

To kick off let us have a little look at one of the things, the existence of which, I feel indicates that we are dealing with an elitist re-administered Ponzi scheme of vast antiquity.

In that light, the present work seems to be a retelling of Jubilees, and it may be that we should consider it an example of "rewritten Bible," the interpretive phenomenon we encounter so often in the scrolls. Surviving fragments of 4Q227 relate to Jubilees 4:17-24, but give the material in a different order. Jubilees 4:18 reports that the angels taught Enoch the calendar, which seems to be the subject of our fray. 2, 1. 1. Jubilees 4:22 says that Enoch testified against the Watchers, or fallen angels, who had taken human wives and whose progeny were the Giants (Gen. 6:1-2; cf. text 33, The Book of Giants). Our author also relates this story, in 1. 4, and apparently goes on to connect it, under the influence of Jubilees 4:23., to the judgment of the entire world.
Frag. 2 i[ . . . E]noch, after we taught him 2[ . . . he was with the angels of God] six full jubilees 3[ . . . the la]nd, into the midst of the sons of man and he test)fied against them alI 4[ . . . ] and also against the watchers. And he wrote all [ . . . ] heaven and the ways of their hosts and [ho]ly ones 6[ . . . SO th]at the ri[ghteous ones] shall not commit error [ . . . ]


Long derelict. Within the geneticmemetic and systems emetic there is a correcting mechanism called the Jubilee. Since the contrived economic philosophy cannot do other than concentrate wealth upwards, impoverishing the 99%, those who described the magik to their practitioners instructed that there be a different way of administering, the still, corrupting system for the administrators of the scheme.


This simple pattern repeats throughout and in a more complex age might the Kondratiev be the manifestation of this given? For those, outwith the elitists' Jubilee, their experience is, emetic, designed depression and death.

No successful practitioner will ever challenge this given economic system once within. It is Pavlovian amnesiac.

If you and I can see this simple truth, why do you think that no seat of learning can ever explore these lines of enquiry now?

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