Tuesday 27 September 2011

Reduced Instruction Set Communion

Seen any assassinations recently?

Jachin and Boaz?

Great traumatic events, like a murder in the family. Or a massive engineered catastrophe, like the Irish famine. Or singular events like Pearl Harbour. These events are called into being by magikians because they have been instructed in the arts that allow the human spirit, being an actuality though immeasurable, to be affected/effected by the physical medium. A long, long time ago the schooling was carried out and the school of money alchemists carry the great work on today. The trick is never to allow the human beings to return the favour.

That would be disaster.

Disaster in ways that are deliberately hidden from us by the given religions and belief systems auto generated by the money worshippers. This is a genetically encoded memetic don’t’ forget. Very, very powerful magik.

“Oh bollox to that INCOMING!!!!!!!” I hear you muse “I am free and worship nothing”.

Yes, worshipping nothing through the credit card and weekly ritual and ceremony at the great big feeding trough. A feeding trough built like a cattle shed. The built environment mall. What a pall on the spirit of all humans.

However I have not got time for this crap. Those who cannot see the great livestock yards they inhabit never will.

The altar has been set for a great big wedding, a communion, again. Here are some thoughts on what might be happening.

Why do we keep getting traumatised?

The desired effect is the suppression of the human spirit. We are under suppressing spiritual fire. Constant and unceasing. Day after day, week after week, month after month the MSM and nonMSM bombard us with coverage of staged trauma. We are supposed to retreat in the face of this assault.


The goons that are creating this atmosphere want us cleared from the centre of the action. They are awaiting an occurrence and the air has to be cleared of human static. The human mind is non local and the initiates do not want anyone of the vulgar stumbling into what they are about to get up to.

What does non local mean?

I know I owe you guys the second part of my cider swilling musings from a long time back, I haven’t forgotten, you’ll get it, and if you’ve read today at the other shop you’ll know why the Canadians were burped into that evening. I am going to cheat though and draw a little of it here in brief.

If you read at the K rush and the omega moment you’ll know that when we arrive here there is a potassium storm around the fertilised ovum. When we leave this place our body is flushed with DMT. I’ve always been fascinated by metals, the hyper dimensional discussion I postulated about gold and diffraction gratings should have clued you in on that. So a metal rush as we beget. A complex molecule as we leave. That intrigues.

The hyperdimensional, called quantum tunnelling, properties of DNA also give pause.

If as Jung postulated there is a universal human soul, how part of it enters the foetus and what happens when it leaves your corpse is a question that leads one to speculate about feed back mechanisms and group expression.

So as I’ve mentioned before, and bearing in mind we live in a human construct where our every action and thought is designed to reinforce the weapons system‘s benefits to it sponsors, everything we do needs to be questioned. We need to ask ourselves "Why am I doing this?" Is there a feedback mechanism being harvested to my detriment that I’m not aware of? Now at this stage I’ll bet your thinking DeLooze again, well not quite. As I’ve made it clear this is a temporal discussion, we are dealing with physical reality, human beings not spiritual.

Infanticide would be a prime example of what I’m getting at here. An industrial process that has everyone worried about their rights and never noticing that the death camps are ethical and not moral. Qui bono?

This so called financial system that has stolen our very lives is another prime example of our abdication from morality seeking the false safety of an ethical system which will rob most excellently. The system has now been rolled out globally and riding on the back of the investment is complete control of the Herd’s Attention Space. Qui bono?

Bankster goggles on.

Looked at in a certain way the current destruction of the world’s economy is another drill, of the type Tarpley so loves to document. The scum are practicing command and control techniques over things that do not exist. “WTF are you on about now INCOMING!!!!!!!?” I hear you groan.

Well I have mentioned my suspicion that under the guise of High Frequency Trading there is a black box that messes with time. I mean really phekks it over and so we aren’t suppose to raise an eyebrow when a Russki operating out of Germany tries to half inch Goldman Sucks gear. No MSM outrage when Sucks actually describes its proprietary tech. as being a hyper front running operation. All is schtum. Why do I think this?

If you gaze a Maxwell’s original equations, before they got butchered, and read around what the lad was saying one comes to the inescapable conclusion that there are more dimensions at work in day to day reality than one would care to notice. Though James I must ask “Why limit yourself to 4”. This isn’t just airfairey nonsense. If you read about the mysterious Gabriel Kron and his concepts for large electrical machines you’ll also see concepts of additional dimensions at work. Hunting within these large systems of electrical machines was a recognised problem and GK provided the intellectual tools to deal with these engineering problems.

OK as I’ve mentioned before a long, long while ago my mate Tim and I used to tramp Trent Park wondering why the type of physics that Tesla espoused was most evident, not in modern science, but in modern finance. Well now we know. If you’ve listened to Max Keiser this week you’ll hear him discussing the hundreds of trillions of derivatives that still need unwinding. Think of these derivatives as existing in a separate dimension. These bankster clowns are dry running their control concepts in unreality.

So we are going to get the concepts applied to us soon enough. That’s what all the 2012, Elenin, Vieja predictive bollox is all about. I also reckon that things like JFK, Beslan, 7/7, Abu Ghraib et al are the warm up acts. It is also why there are licensed court jesters out here keeping us in a state of terror, Jones, Rense etc.

I could be wrong, my mate the secretive squirrel tends towards the fuck up model of history, “There are no conspiracies INCOMING!!!!!!!, just one balls up after another”. Fair enough, however we are dealing with clowns who think themselves gods. Clowns that have been up to this stuff for thousands of years unceasingly.

They were given the instrument known as banking to carry out a sacred communion, reunite humanity under the black sun.

Of course there is a conspiracy. It is all they ever do.

There are certain constants in this world. No fool, any physical constant is an illusion and I have explained all this before, the constants are numerical and are of two types. Male and female. They affect the human condition through sacred ritual carried out upon us. These spiritual adepts are numbers men and they are constant.

If one looks at the numbers involved in today’s financial fiasco, again Tarpley and Keiser have banged on about this many times, the global GDP is say 60trillions, the financial instruments of mass destruction are conservatively 1 quadrillion. Now look at what is happening the “money” that resides in the 4th dimension, as Kron and Maxwell would recognise it, is driving behaviour in the “real” 3 dimensional economy. That is magic!

It gets better though. Once the behaviour of the Herd is fashioned just so, another massive designer trauma, like a world war, is used to affect the human 4th dimension, where Jung’s universal soul might reside. Then mankind is refashioned. That is alchemy!

We might be shitting ourselves but the guys in the big house, smoking huge cigars, drinking fine wines and eating their fill of sweet meats, are happy and contented.

If you’ve got your head round this idea then you will know that there is nothing to be done in groups, that is what they count on, only the individual can save themselves and humanity.

BTW I hope any Trans humanist here has been reading real carefully, you Muppets. Want to breed heathen psychopaths do you?

Ba’al Hammon loves you long time.

Into the flames.

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