Wednesday, 27 January 2016

What was happening Saint Sava’s day, Jan 27th?

Another failure in the fractured limited jewish mind.

So what was going on that day in 1933?

“By early 1933, at the height of the famine, the repressive machinery of the Soviet state had turned against Ukraine’s Communist Party officials, who were accused of nationalism. On 24 January 1933 Stalin appointed his trusted lieutenant Pavel Postyshev as the Ukrainian Party’s second secretary, a post that effectively allowed him to act as Stalin’s plenipotentiary in Ukraine. Prior to Postyshev’s appointment, Stalin had replaced Ukraine’s secret-police chief with a more trustworthy and ruthless figure, Vsevolod Balytsky, who had held that position earlier. Postyshev immediately spearheaded a reign of terror against Ukraine’s cultural and educational personnel and other communists. Mykola Khvyliovy, a leading communist writer, and Ukraine’s most prominent old Bolshevik and champion of Ukrainization, Mykola Skrypnyk, committed suicide in protest in May and July 1933, respectively.”

“The collectivization of agriculture, the man-made famine of 1933, and their role in Skrypnyk's fall will be dealt with below. Suffice it to state at this point that Moscow did not find the work of the Ukrainian Party organization adequate in either agriculture collectivization or procurements, and in January 1933 Pavel Postyshev, the former head of the Kharkiv oblast party organization who had been called to Moscow a few years earlier for political seasoning, was returned to his old post and given a new one of second CP(b)U secretary. Officially subordinate to Kossior, Postyshev actually had dictatorial powers and began a campaign against an initially unnamed "national deviation" quite similar to the campaign against the Right deviation which had preceded Bukharin's fall in Russia.”

All the above named, Stalin , Postyshev, Balytsky , Khvyliovy and  Kossior, not to mention mass murderers and war criminals Beria, Blokhin, Kaganovitch et al,  were well fed and warm in the midst of their bankster man made famine. That we can say this without contradiction is evidenced by the fact that not one of these bitchrentboys came up dead of hypothermia or starvation after that date.

All these things happened unlike the Broadway production, West End cumfest and Nobiascar golden turd awards handed out to mind failures like Ellie. Eh Ellie?

What we can say also is that, in the wake of the constant jewish mind failure, famine and megadeath are entrained. It is character failure as a toxic cultsect, not human.

Anyway BBC go and get yourselves right royally phukked!