Tuesday, 19 January 2016

East of Sewerz.

“In the summer of 1858, the city of London came to a standstill. Government could barely function; people resisted the urge to leave their homes, but demanded action from the government. What had brought London to its knees was the overwhelming stench that radiated from the surface of the River Thames.” http://www.choleraandthethames.co.uk/cholera-in-london/the-great-stink/

If one remembers the seismic shock waves that reduced UKplc, the victorious power remember, to rubble, is this how triumph manifests itself?, when the removal of colonial administrations were completing, an unusual collateral of unconditional victory, to usher in a world of justice and freedom since UKakos were proven bastardos opprecciones, hasn’t that worked out nicely?, then one will need no prompting to ask who benefits from HMS Juffair?

This is a nation that cannot remove overwhelming stench when at the fictional height of its fantastical powers of deduction. So now in the depths of its empirical poverty how can it spend money on naval bases instead of maternity care? How can it even hope, Shylock, to advance? What’s on the horizon except for ever watchful exceptional fervid perfidy, cold mendacity and constant criminal neglect of its captive population, again?

From the evidence at hand within the barbed wire of the work camps and herd parks, all that one can say is that everything is running absolutely tikkity boo for the long range planners now that the western abo is going the way of the Etruscan. The return to the status quo ante is at hand. Not the death of the middle class. Even Marx could not mistake that one.

“The UK’s new naval base in Bahrain will be named after a previous naval base the UK maintained in the country during colonial times, according to Iain Lindsay, the UK’s ambassador to Bahrain.
In a speech to the Bahrain British Business Forum on Wednesday, Lindsay declared that the new base will be named HMS Juffair, after a previous base that was established in the tiny Gulf state in 1935, and announced that the tender for construction of the new naval facilities had been issued.” http://www.middleeasteye.net/news/new-uk-bahrain-naval-base-named-after-former-colonial-operation-1202039130

In which dimension does the next little item not ring a bell? Let me see? London stench, London naval base, London fire base…ahhh.

“The most important part of the Israeli Navy is the submarine service of 5 Dolphin class submarines. They are most important in overall tonnage, intelligence acquisition value, conventional weapons capability and the submarines are the only part of the Israeli Navy with nuclear weapons. The Dolphins are developments of TKMS's Type 209 and 212As. 

The German Government (maybe cross-subsidised by the US Government) has paid about one third of the cost of the Dolphins. This is a post Holocaust German donation to Israel.” http://gentleseas.blogspot.co.uk/2016/01/israels-dolphin-submarines-naval-bases.html

Then we wander into the future and wonder about who will be fronting for London’s interests as the fires rage far away from London’s stinking shores?

“A short while ago, I wrote that no serious person now believes the claim that Bashar Assad used sarin on his people.

(The allegation was always stupid, since gassing civilians in Damascus was militarily useless and could serve only to draw the US into the Syrian war. In an age when many people cry "false flag" too readily, the 2013 sarin attacks in Damascus provide us with the clearest, most obvious examples of the tactic on record.)

In response to that post, a reader sent in the following:
Unfortunately that's not true, Joseph. Zombie memes persist in certain quarters. Website larabiya.net is a good example and seems to have cornered the market on blatant, highbrow, Right wing propaganda. Brooklyn-Middleton tells us that not only did Assad commit the Ghouta sarin attack but that he's planning more of them. Meanwhile, Azeem Ibrahim (his CV is unbelievable) provides "Five reasons why we must NOT censor ISIS propaganda", explains "Assad's Commitment to Killing" and why the "West’s backing of Assad would only help ISIS."

These guys aren't going away any time soon. Expect more lies.

Azeem may have escaped my radar until today, but he sure as hell is on it now.”
Monday, January 11, 2016 Meet Mr.WTF http://cannonfire.blogspot.co.uk/2016_01_10_archive.html

With that in mind we can get a handle now why the big London floating airbases are being put together in a leisurely fashion in Rosyth, which would be a major sabotage target for any terrorist business plan within a real GWOT.

What we have here is a failure to communicate. Deliberate. No one is to know that this is the third part of a five part War and no Peace epic to re-engineer the map back to what it really looks like as the geezers in the big room listen to it sing.

Apiru slave routes linking sanctuaries in one world murder.