Thursday, 21 January 2016

KunstKhaantArtApartied or Fragging KalergiSpecterphiles and their Prescription

As noted over the other shop yesterday

And confirmed in the vomit du jour

After 25+ years of having the best leadership that money can buy we have an infestation of internationalists, parasites, doing their usual chao ab ordo ab chao cycling schtik. Everything with these clowns is scalability. Having got away with destroying Russia 100 years ago they are now moving up to the next level of skulduggery.
We know from various statements relating to GWOT that this is a new Hundred Years war. All designed and controlled by its own dynamic. This is a self regulating system because all the actors’ options are limited by the initial conditions set just before the chaos ensued. For western Europe that was 1988. The fallow fields were opened then.

UKakos and EUbos will never learn.

UK and EU leadershitters, their paymasters and the Big Boys hate all European peoples with a visceral calmness that makes sangfroid feel subliminal.

There is only one answer.