Tuesday, 12 January 2016

God Smite

" A novice witnessing this piece of physics magic could be forgiven for thinking she was being hoodwinked—as if she’d been ushered into a circus sideshow to see “wonders” that are all too obviously monkey torsos crudely stitched onto fish tails."
Inside the Lab Where Invisibility Cloaks Are Made: Can science compete with magic?

I love that choice of words in a temporal collection.

In that restricted community sentence we have alchemy, chimera, temple magic and eugenics.

I cannot remember how long ago now I heard it mooted that all “science” is being guided to recreate the powers attributed to the gods of legend and myth but it is one view that makes sense of what the creepzoids are up to.

They are trying to recreate godlike powers unto themselves.

One then has to stand back and ask the question; Who is doing the remembering and how are they conducting their memory? For none of it turns up in day to day life as we know it Jim.

All those who are not structurally aligned with that business strategy are to be eliminated. All those who would plot a different path are to be destroyed. All those who will not be made to remember again are to be used for weapons trials. For the future path has been cast in the past.

Is that enough to satisfy the appetite of humanity? Would you like your future constricted by commanded revelation? Only a disabled humanity, augmented by technology, could be nourished by the limited gulag of scribes. Starving transhumanity would become as generous poisoned banquet gods, fecund in evil and removed thoroughly from God.

It never seems to cross the minds of the hived out fools sweating blood on the money publishing scam that the clowns they worship failed massively in their hoped for deification and their ancient mission.

Stupidity is too rich a word to cast before these poor swine.