Thursday, 28 January 2016

UK parliament group on Russia reactivated

UK parliament group on Russia reactivated: Both France and Germany have said in recent days that they want better ties with Russia.

Whenever a UKakos PM or UKulak FM activates anything it is a tragedy.

It is also pre-planned theft under chaos cover.

So who, which charidee, wanted and engineered the situation of unaccompanied Mid-Eastern children imported then BBC?

UKako cannot birth its young safely, no adequate midwiffery, teach its young, no adequate teachers, its young cannot write, its young cannot add nor subtract, its young cannot speak nor converse, its young are almost all becoming special needs, UKrapo cannot bury its dead, its elderly freeze in winter, it has nothing to offer and teach but acting out a brain washed light fingered Shylockianphukkwittery.

It is even worse than a TASS/PRAVDA/COMINTERN and Big Phukker productions trainwreck all rolled into one disasterzone of collectivised mindUbendery. Everywhere a STASI money thieving apparatus is waiting and watching to impoverish you by CCTV selective highway robbery.

What a phukking dump!

UKaant the most advanced society on Earth.

Watch out world this is how you are all going to be one day. Washed out human beings and bleach zombies.

This is what happens when a UKRIPO perp gov does anything. Chaos, death and stolen money all hidden by story telling as truth by UKreep plc.