Wednesday, 27 January 2016

36 WTF Quotes From the Davos Elite Bubble Chamber | The Daily Sheeple

Look who got invited and looks like I wasn't the only one thinking that the sterile human spunk fountains would only spout forth bollox juice in massive quantities. Benobo monkeys couldn't have produced a bigger reek of spunk drenched quim batter splatter......mind you the monkeys would have been free from cost and so much greener in the ejaculate.

And as for the elitist androgynobots telling us it was all the fault of men that the world is so shitty, I would point out that the reason the world is a shit hole is because 99.999999999% of humanity is kept in the shit because their exclusivity, their elitist men and their inhuman pay masters. The stuck up cunts. The last thing the world needs is any more rich turds as mouth pieces no matter how off colour their dermis. That should get the manholes spinning with outrage. Go stick a save the whale sized iGREEN solar wind powered investment portfolio up your iGchuffs!! That should hit the spot and bring you off big time.

It wasn't just snow that settled over the area then!!

36 WTF Quotes From the Davos Elite Bubble Chamber | The Daily Sheeple

Tsk tsk.

Here is a quote from Arnos Grove 2016 that sums this load of cum up nicely.

"All that a load of over exposed, big slot gobbed, over weaning, self centered, dripping in money, jumped up fat lazy eunuchs and swollen harem sluts produce is an intolerable unwashed ordure. They always need slaves to clean up their elitist suxess. Pigfilter the lot."