Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Blanketed by snow, Davos awaits World Economic Forum

Blanketed by snow, Davos awaits World Economic Forum

One indicator of how much bollox is taught about futures is to compare and contrast the non stop drang about robotics and networking in the slavecamps and reality as manufactured by cultists.

The Davos cumdrenched shagfest is just like it always was, just like all "real" temple work, just as all synod taking the piss has been throughout the ages.

A great big spunk smelling piss drenched whorehall and dollymall.

Can you imagine how wonderful the world would be without these so called "leaders" and their shit "leadership"? Apparently 18% of them will be women in 2016. So that means that after all the screaming and yelling by the foundationsufframuppets and fakeliberafascists, the women, or gynanalogue idealogues, are outnumbered 4 to 1.

Ohhhh nnnoooooooooo!!!! 4 in 5 of the world's top buzzynessphukkwitz and trademongtards are MEN or close approximation by sports criterion. OHHHH rend my clothes and ash me baby.

This too shall pass for it is written that only 100% retardophukks wetdream themselves to androcommercasperger disasteraspirational syndrome by strange attractor proxy.

Diversity really is a toxic wastetank of monomaniacal manacled mediocre throwbacks being chucked into the septic tank of putrid lucre.

Phukkoff the lot of you in your greatbig rainbow intellectual poverty aspirational monoculture of mank.

I hope they all drown in their own body fluids deep under a champagne tsunami orgasm of seismicfakiry.