Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Spartacus Spastics

Always running away from the site of their trouble making money consumption life burning mission. The mercthieves in cowardice. RCE/LC's ISIS KreepZiodOddBods. Ba'al's Beardyweirdos.

Seemorerocks: ISIS runs in panic from Russian planes in Syria: "Thank You Putin!" - Syrian Army Show Gratitude After Liberation of Salma (VIDEO) Fort Russ , 25th January, 2016 ...

Here below we have a typical compliant eye witness and accomplished accomplice assistant to Keystone Coppery Fukkery with reality and history, at work. Artist? My erse! Apjrucru at play. Where have we seen that style before with concomitant faux histerical hystorical ersatz horrors?

“Heinrich Ehmsens execution pictures have often been reinterpreted. He depicted both the hostage executions (carried out by soviet soldiers) and the execution scenes and murders of the “whites.” Since Ehmsen lived in the GDR after World War Two, where he counted as a revolution painter, the scenes depicting the hostage murder were given false titles (for example, in the museum in Halle). Leftist Red Guards became right-wing bands of soldiers. The pictures with the falsified titles were reproduced in black-and-white in books and magazines. That is the reason why, for example, the red armbands of the execution squad cannot be recognized. Ehmsen’s hostage execution can be clearly identified: The hats and red armbands allow one to discern beyond doubt that the execution squad is made up of members of the Red Army. Ehmsen’s realism culminates in the portrait-like depiction of Professor Berger, one of the hostages shot.” http://www.meltonpriorinstitut.org/pages/textarchive.php5?view=text&ID=45&language=English

What is not stated is that the troublemakers, Apjrucru, skulked off back to RedRoth Moscow to gloat and plan their next load of phukkwittery after leaving Munich trashed and traumatised, per design and operational instructions from London City.

There is no way that this type of genocide pantomime ceremony could take place without the fiat banking system to publish endless mass murder vouchers.

Always locals are the dead. Whenever these internationalists turn up whether bankers, traders, merchants, artists, actors, and philosophers the locals are to be removed from life. These are the hallmark of the wandering Apiru mission. Always moving to kill the locals and thieve to finance their next homicidal enterprise.

Now today, here and now, we have a possible perturbation in the unbroken success of the wandering dusty donkey drivers and their modus.

Is the fire base, RCE/TA, where the ISIS KreepZiodOddBods have sloped off to have their wounds treated by the blue star, an Apjru sanctuary or a sacrificial pawn?

I.e. is RCE/TA an Apiru sanctuary, strategic, or a tactical weapons platform?

We know that Jerusalem did not exist when the Apiru were already old, the land where Roth was conceived was glacial when the Apiru wandered the long dusty trails on the Oxus, Yahweh hadn't even got out of bed yet when the Apiru had already wandered afar, so my betting is that RCE/TA gets vaped, Saladinstylee, again.

The smart Apjrucru are already skulking in Patagonia and all points immediately north of Antarctica and ISIS KZOB are not invited.