Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Vampire light. Or. On IR. 16.

Before we proceed further let us savour a little vignette. Let us imagine the days immediately after June 22nd 1941.

One has been looking forward to murdering millions and millions and millions of defenceless men, women and children. Just like one has done at home with the connivance of Marxist theoreticians and accompanying mass murdering mentally unhinged creepzoid followers of the Talmud. One has plotted and planned to ethnically cleanse Europe of the weeds in Yahweh’s garden. One had been so looking forward to killing everyone and everything because one is a screaming skryptopsychomentalist bitchboy and vacuous altarboybitch of the priestbanksters. One is surrounded by phukkedwitz of the death cult and you LOOOOVVVVE IT!!! Following Yahweh has made you feel like a god.

However the house painter has ruined your day and you KNOW, somewhere up above you in that sacred place where the money is fabricated, SOMEONE is very, very displeased.

Guderian/Kleist/Hoth and the lads in puny panzers are steamrollering their way through your expensively paid for SOVIET RED murder armies. Hajo and Rudel are taking your tacair out and bombing your shit. Expensive Roth bombers from USofA corp. are being turned to scrap on your airfields by geezers with backbone. All your gulag troops, your yellow CHEKA, your Christie tanks, your gutless NKVD and legions of COMMIE assorted scum money worshippers, brave when faced by defenceless women and children, are dead or fleeing like the cowards they were. You are deserted by your own terror, phukkmuppet!

And you wait and wait and wait for Rock to send the Chicago Pharmacy to pay a high velocity lead home visit.

Instead of a house call from the 1930s equivalent of Bugsy Harold Shipman M.D., the rest of the sick COMMIE SOVIET USSR clique come and ask you to lead the way.

Now right there we know that one of that clique was direct lined to RCE/NY and had a Chicago Pharmacy bullet proof vest on. Resistant to all attempts to put you in a lime filled trench at the dead of night.

These were your paid off media allies, USofA corp., in the years 1941-45. At a time when you were to be bled to death in the decades 1940-1960.

Now I know you may wonder why I mention Chicago rather than New York in this context? Well I may never get round to mentioning it again but when one names Chicago one must always have RCMP and by extension the Venetian’s Crown in mind. It is to be recognised that London is not noted for its canals. Manchester is though.

Canada is a slow acting toxin within the re-established Ba’al Hammon west and it is from Canada that USofA is always poisoned.  I know I know, however USofA corp simply cannot understand, this is after all the state that was taken down by a staged show in 1939, that la historia real has to include the script writers guild.

“I’m reading “Preparations for the Nuremburg Trial: The O.S.S. Charles Dwork, and The Holocaust”, Holocaust and Genocide Studies, V12 N2, Fall l998. pp. 257-81. by Schlomo Aronson of The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. The intelligence angle has been completely overlooked by revisionists who all seem to share a single minded approach to Holocaust history which is (drumroll) forensics. Everyone they’ve put on the dock for war crimes since 1945 is a bit player in an ongoing situation comedy that was scripted by high ranking Allied intelligence operatives working with American and international Jewish NGOs. Jews ran and staffed the Nuremburg IMT, but in order not to draw attention to this fact gentiles like Robert Jackson and Telford Taylor were put forward as window dressing. Col. Mikey Marcus was named chief of the War Crimes Division, planning legal and security procedures for the Nuremberg trials. After the Nazi defendants were hung he switched names and uniforms to became Israel’s first modern Israeli Machal general. Charles Dwork is lost to history. He was the “Jewish desk” in the OSS (R&A) laising with an alphabet soup of Jewish organizations who were feeding him the atrocity propaganda militant Zionist operatives like Hillel Kook (aka Peter Bergson) and Hollywood scriptwriter Ben Hecht churned out and planted in the American media. The lies manufactured were epic. The Holocaust is not only a secular religion now (Christ’s sacrifice trumped by the sacrifice of the six million), but it’s also billion dollar business and shakedown racket like all organized religion is. Oscar Groening is a liar, but more importantly he’s an actor in an ever increasing technologically sophisticated drama that continually replaces reality with a new simulacra of itself.

3. http://www.rense.com/general90/behind.htm

“A thoughtful American professor, whom I met in Heidelberg, expressed the opinion that the United States military authorities on entering Germany and seeing the ghastly destruction wrought by our obliteration bombing were fearful that knowledge of it would cause a revulsion of opinion in America and might prevent the carrying out of Washington’s policy for Germany by awakening sympathy for the defeated and realization of our war crimes. This, he believes, is the reason why a whole fleet of aircraft was used by General Eisenhower to bring journalists, Congressmen, and churchmen to see the concentration camps; the idea being that the sight of Hitler’s starved victims would obliterate consciousness of our own guilt. Certainly it worked out that way.”
—Freda Utley – “The High Cost of Vengeance”, Chicago, 1949, p.183
Comment by who dares wings — May 12, 2015 @ 11:59 am 

The phoney war for UKplc lasted the whole war, except for Apr-May 1945 when there was a true mission to be accomplished involving stopping the Red Murder Army getting to Schleswig-Holstein. Again this is a major Venetian mission to keep Europeans out of the high-seas. It is funny that immediately after 1945 Churchill is getting ready to continue a war against “Russia” not Soviets but Russia and hence we get what Blair was driving at in his novel 1948.

For UKplc almost all the war effort involved role play, script writing and black propaganda. Oh of course the aboriginals were to be sent out to fight as some sort of make work scheme with bullets but the real work involved preparation of real living fiction for use in centuries to come.

So standing back and refocusing we can see two operations at work in the grand strategy.

1.      The flushing out(running away) of “nuclear talent”, a kind of Talmudic Paperclip from Europe, under threat of Red Murder Army walk over, to USofA corp. All concealed within the disguise of evil German anti Semitism. Hence the skulking out of Euroville before the prepared gas attack, by Einstein et al.
2.      The setting up of a Rothschild terror state without opposition from what can only have been imagined in the hybrid kryptobrain of the Chief Zioweirdo to be a Europe laid waste from Alps to Urals. A terror state with the A Bomb in the desert oasis. After all that is what Roth and his subaltern Rock were paying for!!! Anyone who thinks the Samson option is anything recent is a phukkmuppet.

(BTW anyone catching their breath at very recent Saudi nuke newsbollox needs to be taken out into a sunny field for a picnic with the Pharmancy. You are a clear and present danger to our family.)

Anyway Ugold didn’t work out as planned because the USofA corp proved to be too vigorous and capable in a martial sense and too backward in a hi-technological materials sense.

What we now know in the wake of the Manhattan failure and the Paperclip people smuggling operation, that is an Apiru clue right there, is that the imported Semitic talent were shit at actually doing any work, theory, experimentation and engineering. Typical Hollywood physicists, all casting couch and no trouser, too busy screwing their close family members with their members, going skrypto-mental off their heads and letting the poor keep them in fine wines, good food, cigars and velvet clothed altars for juxtaposition of pleasure organs.