Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Now I do not want to get your hopes up but.....

....UKplc, the 21st century equivalent of Venice 1945 where NZ and Ulster troopers found nothing but old women and poofs sitting around, might just be too far away from the gunfire and sniper to need defending.

CSIO: NATO General Warns, Putin Is A "Dangerous Gambler....: Social NATO™‏  ‏ @ NATOSocial     5m 5 minutes ago # NATO # Ukraine @ SocialNewsCorp "Daily" http://

Or it might go the way of the Etruscans.

Either way enjoy the war because in lock down CCTVUK where Big Muppet sees all and turns a blind eye to all crime, where shoot to kill is an option of civil administration Einsatzgruppen 6 countiesstylee, where larceny is a wealthy lifestyle choice and massive theft a right of passage, the peace will be hell.

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