Monday 29 June 2009

Would you trust these clowns with anything of value to you?

Inhabited Carbon Based Life Forms

You can make an ICBLF from a human being but you can NEVER make a human being from an ICBLF.

Who loves ICBLFs?

Behavioural Economists, Economists General, Materialists, Any Phekkwitz who’s talked bollox about philosophy during the 20th century(Fukkin’ lazy work shy clowns), Any Phekker who’s been a foundation bitchboy, Human Rights Lawyers, Minority Rights Activists, Bankers, AI Researchers (in both fields), Abortionists, Relativists, Predestinations, Creationists, Quantum Theorists, Revisionists, Slavers, Warmongers,
Psychopaths, Dictators, Degenerates.

These clowns swarm around The White House and No10.

Why do these, amongst many others, love ICBLFs.

Well if you want a license to steal from human beings get on these ICBLF gravy trains.

And when you peer deeply enough into their activities you’ll find a vast sucking emptiness.

The pursuit of the nothing.

The ICBLF CREDIT, the bane of human kind.

Heads up.

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