Monday 22 June 2009

The only nation batshit crazy enough to fly Iron Lotus?

Ever wondered why two nations reportedly absolutely prostrate in the face of self genocide and obliteration on the battle field could still stick their nebs into other folks business? Eh? Take the USSR. How could Stalin stick troops into the Middle East to secure the oil fields 1941/42 and Mao’s Communist China squat on Tibet in 1951? What were the ChiComs after & who told them to go get it?

Ever wondered why the USofA didn’t nuke the ChiComs into oblivion 1950?

Ever wondered why we have a long running problem with ICBMs and nukes from a nation that is supposedly starving.

I’ll tell you what starving is, its 1847 Ireland, that’s starving. Ireland has never threatened the world with WMD. The folks in North Korea have had this stuff for a very, very long while all the way back to 1944, ever wondered why you never hear about that. There is no need for a famine there, that’s just a ceremonial cover.

Ceremonially the all pieces are soon to be in place. Then and only then can the sacrificing start. Where will it kick off? Initial moves in the Far East would only be ceremonially consistent if the first targets are Christians, so The Philippines it should be.

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