Thursday 25 June 2009

Bye to whatever passed for democracy here.

Credit where it is due.

So Zorzi was out waafling again yesterday exactly on schedule. Zorzi and Strap, as we imagined earlier, have been cleared on when the hammer needs to drop. They will have full MSM cover when the hammer is dropped. Who’ll front up for the hammer being dropped? The Lord High Executioner hisssself?

The clever bit though is in the detail of what Zorzi said. In his use of words of ceremony and ritual it was hidden in clear sight that TLHE would be installed for as long as it takes to satisfy ritual.

I hope this is crystal clear. So in keeping with the spirit of yesterday rantings let us continue with more of the “Stating the bleeding obvious in clear English” campaign.

BRITISH SUBJECTS must never be allowed to realise that they are now too poor to afford STUFF. STUFF can be defined as food, water, heat, shelter, medical care, anything you fancy but the BSs cannot afford STUFF.

Oh many outside UK can buy British STUFF, but guess what? They’ve got REAL MONEY. NOT CREDITS.

If a BS noticed that British fields were full of sheep and cattle and yet BSs are not getting grass scavengers delivered in their rations. Or Market signals, PRICES on SOOPER MARKET SHELVES, are telling BSs that they are too poor to afford dead grass scavengers in a bun.

BSs might get vexed.

SOOOO Strap, Zorzi and the TLHE will make use of the ground already paved by such twats as “Meat free Monday” and the vegetarian Nazis to nudge you into a meat free way of life so you’ll never get to realising just how PISS POOR you are. Similarly if you are too POOR to fly overseas you’ll swallow the UK MSM line that you live in paradise. BSs cannot be allowed overseas to witness REAL people with REAL MONEY, NOT CREDITS.

And guess who’s been crawling all over No10 for over a decade preparing for the hammer dropping? The behavioural economists. (Plain English=) NAZIS.

TWO tests to see how far into the crap you are.

Check the number of weeds on your rights of way compared to the (non-camouflage) vegetation obscuring CCTV assets.
Is it easier to get your medication handed to you by the nice nazis or the lead pill pharmacy?

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