Monday 29 June 2009

More PIGPISS. A peek inside Zorzi's mind

In the Floating City Zorzi was unhappy. Seated within his office atop the Imperium he gazed at the slowly rotating hologram of John Dee on his desk top and allowed his mighty mind to wander over the world.

Just to the west there sat the farce. Within it DF brooned mobiles at anyone who moved, Plums plotted, TLHE seethed poisonous schemes not knowing that he, Zorzi, could fathom every multi faceted treachery. Ma Cherry cried oceans of red ink over her books at number 11 wondering what the hell had happened since she had come down from Athens. How she longed for those gilded evenings so many years ago back in her home town when honest to goodness plotting and slick practice had been so simple.

Z chuckled to himself, “Suicide watch ehh!!! Some of you won’t be coming back after the hols!!! Baddabbing you ain’t gonna sing.”

A little further to the west and Z could feel S preparing for the battle with DFT. S could handle that, but it would be tough.

Out over the ocean his mind reached and there he could feel his agents were holding tough against the colonials. Bernard Pancake had done well to imply disaster if they stuck their noses into Z’s Fed.

Z brought his mighty mind back and reached east. DFT was on her way with an offer from the Teutonic Knights of Zion for S. Z looked forward to the clash. S and Z hadn’t had the chance to wield Cthulu for some time. Good. Just hang on for a few more sweeps of the local sun and then the age of molten metal would be gone and the flying rocks could start again.

But all was not well in Z’s world. Further to the east the Chinese Emperor was back on the scene.

Things under his predecessors had been allowed to get too chaotic in the last century. Even with the best will in the world you could loose track of your evil schemes, he mused. Well it’s not the first time they’d dealt with CE.

Time to prepare a trip to the Adriatic.

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