Saturday 20 June 2009

Gourmand famines

We’ll all be English soon, mediocre, dazed and unable to build a decent sized bowler hat.

We’ll all die but not everyone gets a life. The second life brigade are just selfish, self sacrificing, self centred, narcissistic, self absorbed, self serving, delusional, onanistic, self admiring, selfing serfant……broons.

We’ll all be able to buy a baby in a box soon. It’s our right. But the baby bond that underpins the inhabited carbon based life form’s existence; BTW it’s not alive, means that its body parts are for sale at any point during its entropy time to the highest bidder.

Have you ever heard of Accident Facilitators?

Why do you think it has taken so much money to digitise all the patient records for the British NHS? Well the criminal network that want to deal in your body parts have sooooo many systems that need to integrate with that central database. You’re on a farm PHEKKWITZ.

Butt welders, seam welders, mash welders selfish bustards.

Oh to be a TV sheff. Must be like leading the gilded life at Memphis looking back at Set Tepi. All ceremony. Remember the butter mountain, the wine lake. Starving, it’s ceremony; all the cooks on the box are priests of the human harvest. Ignorant, unaware, basted, over relaxed shellfish Bastards.

To die at a point of your own choosing is a ceremonial luxury denied to ALL of humanity.

No exceptions.

Chew on that sheffs.

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