Thursday 25 June 2009

Counter measures required.

Have a peek at this.

Now I’d delete a few words myself, and replace with words like London and Attack Helicopter. I know you’ve got the idea. No wonder we’re not allowed to know where our MPs live. Now if our chums out in the steppes can arrange that then why are our lads in Afghanistan being left out on a limb by the necromincers at UK MoD?

Strap will know but he’s knee deep in garterry and ceremony so he won’t let on.

I have always contended ever since the first whiff of MPs expenses scandal breaking, that it is all MSM cover for other more important plots affecting UK plc. What could those plots be?

One likely plot involves the answer to how are UK MoD going to extricate the lads safely, from the middle of FUKKIN’ EURASIA!!!!, if the Pound Sterling won’t buy shit? Or does ritual require them left interred in the plot. Remember Emperor Antonius’ words about a blood price?

By Sept we’ll know the answer.

Another reason for MSM freakery about MPs expenses is to take our eyes of the ball re: likely composition of Parliament after the next general election. That is, the actual characters that will be on the lists for election, not their party allegiance. Expect dumbass fascists clothed in swaddling kitten. They’ll all be waiting for the word and Manchurian Candidate like the first PMQs should tell us if we’re likely to see a complete break down of the oppositional system into multi party chaos. Think Russia & Germany very early 20th Century.

If the election is allowed of course. Don’t forget there is a distinct whiff of sulphur in the air and TLHE might be installed to defend the realm and the interests of the Eternal City where Zorzi uses alchemical incantations to store magic tokens of exchange brought into being by his mighty mind from the ether.

Finally one more test to check how far in the crap you are.

How closely do your lead pill pharmacists resemble ZOMO?

Heads up.

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