Tuesday 30 June 2009

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So the grass scavengers are back grunting all over the telly. Some sound as though they’re being fucked up the ass by a steroid enraged rhino with a flannel fetish. In a more sane age they would have been told to shut the fuck up and get it on with Ron Jeremy.
Reminds me of when my mate Ram and I came up with an idea for the ultimate food programme back in 2002. “Track it, capture it, fuck it, kill it, eat it.” To be done in all the out of the way places like Tierra del Fuego and Siberia. Kind of like Bush Tucker Man. Only more so. Every part of that pitch was nicked. But not all is on telly.

Any way back to the grass scavengers in a bun. How come they are all over the place?

Well not everyone wants to consider that our UK ID scheme has apparently been dropped. Oh yeah!!!
Well according to the FT June 25th “India plans ID cards for its 1.1bn citizens”
I can just see the pitch in the big consultancies “The big money is overseas so let’s drop Britain ‘cos they are poor. Once India’s in the bag, back to Blighty to sort the serfs out on the cheap.”
Can we just reiterate this one more time SOMEONE’S NICKED ALL THE FUKKIN’ MONEY!!!
Not Madoff, he’s small beer. We are talking trillions and trillions and trillions. We are talking a big player, a supra sovereign entity, with massive fukkin’ bags.
Something so powerful that No10 is a pet roach, if that. Someone so evil that the Mandelbrot Set are expendables in a snuff movie. Some entity so insinuated into our daily lives that there has been no crime committed ever, because they say so!!!
Note that there has been NO prosecution of anyone for anything, anywhere in this whole story.
It’s a commercial secret. It’s Fleet. It’s piracy.
You try dodging a parking ticket and the lead pill pharmacy will be all over your ass.
So what’s the story for you and me then?
We must realize that we live on a pirate ship and the whole way this movie plays out is that the pirates win every time. Don’t speak up, don’t debate the finer points of opening move theory, don’t try and find reason. Pay up fuckker.
When the grass scavengers have finished their grunting you can be sure that whoever stole all the money will have had their bags emptied.
Heads up.

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