Sunday 28 June 2009

Deep fried Mars bars and the lack of sunspot activity.

I see the question of being Scotch raises its ugly head up north. The answers given to this question locally by their power/elite will tell us who the bitches are. Annnnddd we wait…….. ALL of them apparently.

Let me explain.

As always with any independence movement, the local power/elite keep the focus on the illusion of independence at home and exhaust everyone else. Then the global NAZI/SOVIET takes everything away.

Broon, Fishboy and the rest are dancing in the same ballroom. They know the rules. Always have done, always will be.

You wanna dance?

Become a foundation bitchboy then.

Or else you are to be displaced and cleared.

Sound familiar.

The aboriginals who inhabit what is now called Scotland have to realize that by the time TPTB have finished raising hell with the weather through their arts and devices places like Kilmarnock, Kilmaurs & St Kilda will be seriously sought after real estate. And as aboriginals there they have no place when TPTB decide to move their mansions in then it's fuckoffski to the locals.

English don’t snicker, you are first.


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