Saturday 27 June 2009

Gordon Broon will never leave the building.

So Gordon wants to HELP some people to the tune of £60Billion annually. Well whoever they are I have some advice.


He’s a NAZI operative and he’s fucked us over big time.

In the UK we’re now too poor for them to steal any more from, so they are going to kill us off. He’s had behavioural economists up his arse for two decades now and he thinks he’s doing good. The delusional Stepford Fifie.

He’s now going to “nudge” us towards the correct decisions. Since we’re too poor to be robbed we’re going to be killed off. Of course they’ve got no spine to take us on mano’a’mano, of course not. They’ll persuade us to make the best choice as useless eaters.

Lexicon time.
NHS=Population Reduction Scam=PRS

They’ll tax us for the following soon if Porrit and the WWF Nazis get their way,

Pissin’, shittin’, breathin’, birthin’, seein’, thinkin’, wankin’, shaggin' ever givin’ cool killin’ NAZIS.

You can count on it that when the job cuts come in the public sector it will be a putch by Common Purpose to get rid of the opposition. Once CP are in power just go read about any proto Soviet/Nazi society from 1920-1970 to see what we’ll get. Beria, Trotsky, Pol Pot, Mao, HoChi Minh, Heydrich and the whole MandelBrot Set.

Don’t forget these fuckers LOVE ChiComs and hate us.

Note that under deep MSM cover the Stepford Fifie totally subverted Parliamentary freedom this week with his proposals for reform. That means that when the CP Greenshirts storm parliament and tazer everyone there to death it will be legal. Just check what happened late last year when the LPP actually got into an MPs office without traitor Martin skeeching a fart.

Heads up.

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