Monday 8 April 2013

We had traveled hundreds and hundreds of miles…

…and the thesis is forming.

The thesis is that ayahwehism and yahweism is atheism and nought killers of humanity.

As expected, as soon as you “touch point”, upon your return, tfl, one’s journey turns into a shit heap. This is a semitic affair.

It reminded me of the occasion I had to “touch point” the out of hours ?service?, Spanish not catered for in the omnicultural wordshit, windows tax, here in the shitJet borough, ten years ago or so.

As we awaited, four minus, our appointed time, never on time, but relative. As we watered their appointment they’re was a sudden opening of a secret door and a chosen wretch, screaming and babbling, was ushered , out of our siteline, in the waiting flocked membered room, cloaked and occulted, to the duty tribe doctored for immediate drugging.

An out of hours queue jumping special person, fleeing their minds, because the Lamarckian hand down cannot handle dick=versity. A holocaust ersatz remembered ashen treed limbic of the faux monied system. All the money ever created to buy and indebt everything but out of their ayahwehist mindhive. I especially remembered last Thorsday, as we traipsed past my Latin teachers’ old hovel, I pointed out at his Lamarckian wife going sparko at mass. Actor.

Lamarck is theoremarkc.

As soon as you arrive by metalled rail into the temple, all one hears are the priests announcing tanoi’d templed call, ziggurat even call, that there are “continuous improvements” to the “service”.

A little while later, as I troubled the tube carriage kick plate, I read the script.


That is when they, in debt purchase, contracted, brought the constricted new fleet into service, partly, bit by bit and since then they have been “improving” the service. I.e. shitting on the zoological, sterile struck, garden that is Gladstone’s “The Smoke”, rent seeking garden and cropped, murder minded borough.

Have you ever studied the lower primates infesting the tube system in London? The inifecated mind? The howling, word spouting hollow? The DNA starved asswipes sitting behind deadly airbags and safety systems designed to cull? Have you?

Which reminds me.

The rentreeking, money printing, Babylonian inspired scum are banging out.

This is banging out.

The shit house is ready for a good crash and burning, under watered shit.

Any doubt?

The dregs call themselves refugees but how small a portion is sundered; the River Orantes has long flowed into the Thames. H/T Juvenal