Friday 19 April 2013

Open your occullar radiation braking sytems

I stood unalloyed, unalone, unknown, unrunthrough, and yet I steeped forward into the dirt and saved a gentle victim of my foolishness..

…much earlier had grazed the blackened  inferno. It was deep; so much that I stood for ours ,not hours, for ours in the arid coldness, freezing as only one can wish to be cold, hot as the mind allows, Scottish, unarmed but not unnamed allowing my optics to enjoy the millions of years of travel. I staid, alone, as pertinent and permanent, stood and gazed.

We had walked from home to home, passed and those past because I am a pukkedwitz. All the memories I cherish. All the days of chip pieces, all the days of scaring my family with blackberry hands, whilst still expecting my tomato ketchup laden bread, breathe. It was a long, mistaken journey, through unintentional remembrance.

I drank the love of my fathers and mothers. I loved them to severe and sever, not serve. I washed my eyes with the infinite blindness, I died too infintity, not beyond, thurst is id.

You; when you saw me, I knew.

When you saw me, that instant, when you cut me into two. I evaporated

Standing under the most beautiful city in the world. Why should I stature my thought? Here; there loved all the shadowed.

The skeleton, searing, seeing, sky, where the air dropped ablaze?

Looking at the structure utilising both of my unseeing documents of love.

Do not wave me Goodbye. I will guard your flanks with alacrity, always plowing and ploughing the infinite seas.

Metaphored and metamorphosed.

The Dirac seas are ablaze, 1 and 3