Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Have you noticed that everyone has had a gutful of yahweh, ayahweh, aiyahweh and iyahweh now?

This is not a failing but a construction of the post eviloid world. Having been force-fed, waterboardretarded, ibored we are about to vomit out the crap. The fools do not understand the metaphor.

We are the sheen.

This iathing, this ithickas ishit, which is at the rotten heart of our intercourse, is now revealed to all as a ischytzoid ipsychopathic ihomopathologically bent ieviloid bastard ui iuabortion by one mistaken deceit.

iRCE/TA, where all the ayahwehist/yahwehist/heathenoid/aheathehoid piss taking monoheathenponzischemeing ivictims infest the iheathensoil, not toiling, but iwanking all over the charitable world. iWelcomed to it again after 1000 years. To be iyahwehist is iheathenism, to be iayahweihist id iheathen, to be iatheist on the stinking founderedfoundations of iahwehism is utter ibankruptcycummedim spiritually, morally and corporally mind ihived ilazy ibastard icommunism.

And everyone has had a belly full of its ishit, in the eye, even the thick as shit have noticed and the purveyors of its toxic spiritual brew, its noxious stew and murderous admixture of evil and fakery? Whether its nonsense is spewed by banksters or rabid holy men, pirates sheltering and shitting in stolen land or unthinking bone bags, it is deadly infection.

Every bone has had a belly full of iayahewist crap now.

Get ready for the retarded. Perpare, The iheathen love killing humanity under their cloak of vanity.

iShaven erected iapes?

Given the choice they will kill us all………………